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    ET in 2022. Focus, my fellows. (perhaps; if possible)

    Some old faces here
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    What games are you playing now

    Play the odd single player game from time to time. Having a go at doom eternal at the moment. But nothing will ever compare to prime ET. Even though OZ's prime was way past the game's competitive prime, still was so much fun. The community, drama and laughs were lightning in a bottle from about...
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    ey Tim, good to see you still kicking
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    Might be a good time to change it to ETPro.
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    KFC putting people into spec because he feels like to go on some team

    Anyways nobody plays this game who matters so lol
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    KFC putting people into spec because he feels like to go on some team

    I thought you didn't play on the OZ server Matilda? Isn't it your mate Fred or whatever? Or is it your other personality? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dissociative_identity_disorder
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    Stopwatch mode on ET server

    How do you know these things if you aren't playing on the server? :trump:
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    Nothing using lag script

    Pharking mad, haha. What a strange world you must live in.
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    I used to check this stats page thing all the time when we had it years ago. Ulti used to dominate it with all his aliases and K/D friendly play-style. DoT was always up there, POD, blusky
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    /quit :trump:
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    ^ You are quite clearly mad at the result.
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    lmao banned like a true fgt. Where is the option for hell no? :trump:
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    Not Passed invader want to rejoin OZ

    I vote for derp. Derp for presisdnent!^&$^(*#&$7 This server needs a shakeup, Vader will clean house and keep tilderp in line. That kent needs to be reigned in. Make -OZ- great again :trump:
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    Oz mod development

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    Oz mod development

    Get rid of sk rules. Make landmines visible. Remove being able to kick arty. Ban Matilda. ^^ Make OZ great again. :trump: