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    ET in 2022. Focus, my fellows. (perhaps; if possible)

    I can try, but I'm a carer for my dad now so wouldn't be able to stick to a schedule :(
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    What games are you playing now

    Yeah, teams are determined by a bot and balanced, all done through discord :) Only time they are hand picked is during draft cups
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    What games are you playing now

    Let me know if you install it :D Would love to play a match with you sometime
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    What games are you playing now

    It's a private server 8) Do I have you on discord? Can send you a discord invite
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    What games are you playing now

    Last draft cup was on sunday and it was a blast!
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    What games are you playing now

    Still play ET every night. In a group called bone area. There are matches most night and usually a monthly draft cup :D You'd recognize a lot of the players
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    Calling All Reprobates (and normal ppl too)

    I'm game :D
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    That was interesting :D
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    ET Pro: Draft Cup

    I'll try! Not sure how good I'll be with my hand atm but I'm willing to give it a go. If anyone picks me that is lol
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    Knives/grape is back :)

    It's been 10 years? o_o
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    [Bot] Name requests

    Hawkeye? :D
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    Stopwatch Settings

    Need to turn push down as well, it's on uber lol
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    Stopwatch Settings

    Timers on stopwatch are broken. Resetting to 30 minutes each round, not resetting the time set by the other team.
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    Vote System

    And that slow reload is infuriating when they reload really fast XD