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    Calling All Reprobates (and normal ppl too)

    Make it ETpro and I'm sure you'll get numbers back
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    ET Pro: Draft Cup

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    Free Hammerkr00k

    Can someone please help Matthew out, he's having issues with confirmation email. As you can see, confirmation was sent to matthewsheriffs@gmail.com. so he can't confirm account. Facebook him for sk8tabo1 pics
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    Stopwatch Settings

    Allies 20 / Axis 30 Maybe just do it for Adler, Supply, SW_Goldrush, Braundorf, Bremen, Radar, SpecDeliv. Is there any reason an OZ member that is more active couldn't do all this? Hammerkrook said he is more than willing to help out.....
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    Stopwatch Settings

    The people who are playing stopwatch regularly aren't really the guys who want 'fun' settings tbh. Should keep the fun settings to public mode and have stopwatch as comp settings
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    Stopwatch Settings

    Legend, nice work! No idea what the setting is but as soon as you hit level 4 light weap, even if you're med/eng/fop you respawn as soldier.
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    Stopwatch Settings

    Whats the latest?
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    Stopwatch Settings

    Can you please change/trial a few things to keep da boiz happy (May upset the minority, but certainly not the majority!!) - No auto change to soldat when level 4 light weapons achieved - Add SW_Goldrush - Flamer/Knife/MG set to normal damage - Trial 20/30 second spawn times? - Limit...
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    Vote System

    Can we have 20/30 second spawn times & SW Goldrush added please
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    Vote System

    Can we change stopwatch to 30/20 second spawn times please :)
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    KFC voting me spec...because he feels like it

    Can't we all just be friends :cool: