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    R.I.P marco simoncelli

    They say he didn't die instantly, looked pretty instant to me. RIP
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    bring back lvl 4 battle sense!!

    BS, your always panzer, lol. Anyway, maybe lowering the damage of the mines a little bit could be a fix, maybe 1 mine can leave you with 20-30 health. That's my opinion.
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    Batman Arkham City

    I've played some more, it's fair amazing..
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    just meee,
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    Batman Arkham City

    Batman Arkham City came out yesterday (breaking street date). Who's got it? Opinions? I played it today, seems fair awesome!
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    sdoin' lads?

    lol no, wicked is wicked ;D maddkent is dropdead. CLARIFICATION.
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    sdoin' lads?

    i'm always a good boy :twisted:
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    sdoin' lads?

    hey all, some of you know me, some of you dont. recently started playong on your servers again as Orion. Always ggz when im on ts with the regulars lerl. anyways, see you guys on the server, when im oaning ya's :3 oh btw, br i swear you hack!@