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    Midnight Server Reset!

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    From ADSL to NBN

    sup trigs
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    OZ Lan Party - Organisation

    i will be security br free of charge but i will need a few things of course :P like a borat suit.. for those times you need to chase down perps lol
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    PS3 gamer tags

    so as the title says whats your ps3 tag i am playing more ps3 now days so feel free to add me mofo-phat or post up your nicks so we can all add each other.
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    Inbox contains 7 messages. You have 11 messages stored, of a total 0 allowed. i lol'd
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    Merry Christmas

    merry christmas guys and girls hope you all have a safe and good chrissy
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    Im back :D

    you posted a troll reply in a tutorial topic that was not relevant frog
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    Im back :D

    i will be watching your posts keep them relevant or you will be on a post by post approval basis
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    R.I.P marco simoncelli

    such a shame now there is no one left from another team to challenge stoner
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    is that all the oz clan br :P rofl
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    isn't this why quite a few of us have each other on facebook :P lol oh ps. gaz you still owe me a pic of what you looked like back when you lived up my way rofl
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    Help Uncle Horrie with ts

    give me rdp ill fix it gaz i looked at jokers and i think it was his on board that may have a prob from memory but if i can rdp in should be able to fix it
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    New pc

    commodore 64 nuff said
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    QLD lose cause of cr4p referees :(

    lol trigs a man of your intelligence watches a sport that requires none ?
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    Yo Dawg!

    i heard you like spinners so we put spinners on your spinners so you can spin while you spin