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    Hey Guys, Im back!

    Been on Heaps of school trips with outdoor education and the school football team (soccer) homework and school has kept me away from games :( Have been going to interviews as I'm trying to get into the air industry to become a commercial pilot, no luck yet as I'm still waiting on my school...
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    Hey Guys, Im back!

    Dont Panic, i have a solution :D My linux (Ubuntu) partition should work so fingers crossed!
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    Hey Guys, Im back!

    Hope you guys had a good christmas and new years! My in game name is -OZ-RyAn|<<< for those of you who remember me :P I joined -OZ- about 4 years ago, and have been a casual gamer who likes to shoot people and have a chat every now and then. Been away for 8 months so everything is totally...
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    We have been evacuated from our hill, possible landslide, living in friends house atm, so we have left our house. ill upload photos in a few weeks, when we get things sorted. Hope every1 is well
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    Gran Turismo 5 Anyone?

    Gonna buy it on boxing day, ill vs ya :D
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    steven spielberg is executive producer so must be good :D
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    Cats Rule

    lol kittens are awesome! i have two cats which are five now, one cat which is fat and just sleeps and eats, the other is scared of everything and i hardly see her. miss when they were kittens, used to be my entertainment for the night :)
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    /kill ? :D
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    Gdday Fellas SpunMonk here

    Hey man, just saw you on the server :D :banana:
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    Vote for New -OZ- Banner

    Can't choose beetween 4 & 5 :D
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    Akh-Horus has left the building

    awwww :( If its what you want to do then have fun :) It will different without your -OZ- clan tags on when i kill you :D :banana:
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    You guys obviously weren't cool enuf to be around back then :D :banana:
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    Hey Buzz, how ya been?
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    New -OZ- Forum Banner

    Good Idea though!
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    New Maps

    Hasn't some of them already been put on the server?