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    So is it dead or?...
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    Covert's gallery

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    We're Back

    Is obsidian destroyer on? If so is it still one hit or five etc...?
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    We're Back

    They tried to play follow the leader, didn't really work out as they'd originally hoped.
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    We're Back

    I appear to be free falling through the void forever... :l
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    ddos protection

    I don't know any of the IP stuff, I just wanted to know so I could try work my way around it and learn how to do it if it ever were to happen again...
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    ddos protection

    What language is that?
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    ddos protection

    Ummm... So I keep getting ddosed, I was wondering if any of you knew an effective way of preventing this... If so, please either pm me or comment it below. Thanks, Sinderley.
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    Your Favorite: Song?

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    Minecraft changes

    Occasional PVP in Survival could work (player held special events etc...)
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    there's nothin like watching things go CRASH

    In all honesty, it's sickening how they'd rather record than try to help... And she made it into a Vlog too... How sweet.
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    Faction : ProC4

    How long have you been playing Minecraft? (Estimate) Fif yeers Mcmmo stats? (Screenshot) 3234 Other factions you have been in? (Name and when) Wilderness forever have you ever betrayed? (I can find out) y have you ever been banned on other servers? If so why? Nevr TeamSpeak 3? (Required) Skype >...
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    Problems with water and TNT

    Obsidian destroyer, hybrid cannons... :arghh: