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  1. Spidonkle

    Portal 2

    Since I bought it on steam, I got it on the 19th. :3 It is a very amazing game. <3 I love it.
  2. Spidonkle


    I didn't know things happen in Mildura. Wait... Why are you in my town? Also, why wasn't I aware? :<
  3. Spidonkle

    anyone play wow?

    I died a little when I saw Mist's Edge and what Deathwing did to it. XD And the guy who sold me fish, he was dead. I was like "lolwut?" Yeah I played for pretty much all of my school holidays. Stopped when school started again though, playing Aion at the moment with my second family. Need halp...
  4. Spidonkle

    Well Hey

    Woo! Minecraft and Amnesia! I haven't played DA2 D: I really want to, is it better than Origins? Oh, right. Welcome to OZ. :D
  5. Spidonkle

    Hello there!

    Hey Jessica! Welcome to OZ! :D Looking forward to playing TF2 with you, I also like pyro. XD May the best pyro win. :D
  6. Spidonkle

    Hey Hey

    Welcome to OZ. :D I hope you find our accommodations to your liking. Looking forward to seeing you in game. :3
  7. Spidonkle


    Too late. I suspect he won't be at school for quite some time when it comes out. However, I'm really interested too. I've never really been intertested in FPS games (other than anything to do with zombies and TF2) so I'm really looking forward to it from what Abs has told me about it. :)
  8. Spidonkle

    Portal 2

    IMPORTANT Portal 2 is on special on steam. Not sure how long for but you can buy it for $44AUD. PRE-ORDER IT TODAY! ... It still seems over priced. :<
  9. Spidonkle

    Good Anime

    Really? I saw a few hentai titles at GameTraders in town. Sorry Phat!! We love you, we gave you suggestions. Use them well. :P
  10. Spidonkle

    Good Anime

    There are two different ones. The original and Brotherhood. I think you might like the original better, Brotherhood is based more closely on the book. There are some pretty big differences between the two. You may like Claymore. :D Or Tokyo Majin, maybe even hentai. I think you'll like hentai.
  11. Spidonkle

    Rift - Coming Soon

    Aww damn. Well, I stole his sisters account. It's a pretty game, the 5 minutes I played of it. She likes it better than WoW, Adam and Ben aren't fussed. Overall it looks to be a promising game.
  12. Spidonkle

    Rift - Coming Soon

    My boyfriend and I have played WoW for quite a bit. Him and his brother (another WoW player) are playing Beta soon(ish) I think. Do you want me to get beta and investigate this game with peoples? :P
  13. Spidonkle

    Hi from Porce

    There are no females on the internet. I am a very manly man. D:
  14. Spidonkle

    Hi from Porce

    Considering I want to study in Adelaide I will consider this. Also thank you. :D Biggest welcome to you good sir! ^____^
  15. Spidonkle

    Portal 2

    One of the two. Lolwut?