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    The last one I posted was from a Crate Day, so here's one from the latest I guess. also hi
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    Spiders on Drugs

    Classic internets, jerker.
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    World cup winners?

    Who the hell let the first Dutchie take that kick?! Jeez.
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    I'm back, what did I miss? Is there still a ladder/scrim comp?

    Whoah, this is some pancake territory.
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    World cup winners?

    That's football to you, mate. Bet the "Socceroos" got so confused they didn't know whether to bring a union, league, or AFL ball. Haha. Probably. But I'll still going to say: The Netherlands. "Hup Holland Hup~" What the shit is with this World Cup this year? Portugal and Spain getting...
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    Clash of Clans!

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    Whose the new Danny Trejo??

    s0z guys. But it's Jack Black as Nacho Libre
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    Post Your Cars

    Totes expected ya to be a cock and drive an Audi. Well done, sir!
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    Post Your Cars

    'sup. You jelly?
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    Mess APP

    Nah, send him away, I hate this bastard. Oh god. I'm sorry. I don't mean it. Get him in. Cry.
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    Uncle Derg's movie fread

    I do prefer Brain Dead, myself. But both never fail! Give Ghost Shark a go. Another one of those so bad it's hilarious good.
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    Uncle Derg's movie fread

    Bad Taste. Oops.
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    Me and my mate JoKeR

    I see you've got your favourites. :(
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    wolfomstein / ET music

    I agree.