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    Stopwatch Settings

    Now you have the ETPRO server up and running does this server need to comply with what you want? Seems alot easier to go to the ETPRO for more serious games and leave this one as a pub focused place
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    [Bot] Name requests

  3. TopCAt!

    Vote System

    Thanks Phill not sure if im misinterpreting the answer but if you are already connected and the vote gets up and it changes to SW you keep you full xp and stars If you connect after stopwatch has started you have 0xp and stars... The other day there were 3 of us on one team with 0xp and on the...
  4. TopCAt!

    Vote System

    Is it possible to have a SW mode thats a full old school 6 map campaign? Also when you join a SW match you have 0xp, this is quite a disadvantage can it be fixed somehow? Thanks
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    RE twitter nonsense impacting the 'real world'

    Its leaving the matrix though Ted.... more frequent cases of Social Media bubble thoughts being actioned in the real world. Thoughts become actions... someone loses an opportunity they rightfully should have because they're not black (enough) Someone gets assaulted for wearing a particular...
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    RE twitter nonsense impacting the 'real world'

    That police horse was naked, in public, with its Horse sized Todger on display and a man dressed as a cop riding him. Seems pretty gay to me.
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    KFC voting me spec...because he feels like it

    Thats quite enough from you Midas
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    KFC voting me spec...because he feels like it

    Can we add a new !rule no trolling. Keep it nice and vague so when the banter is on we can partake but when the aggrieved parties need a squirt with the hose its easy enough to do
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    Passed 7-League Boots application to give a hand moderating

    Yes its got a vibe to it but you'd need to be a member in my opinion I do very little as most of the time intervention isn't required. Most offenders know the line well and skate right up to it. “That government is best which governs least” - John O'Sullivan circa 1837
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    Racism against Aliens

    Xenophobia would be the term that appears to describe Don's actions. It saddens me to report he never quite recovered from his 14th Alien abduction and optional violent Enema so that may go some way to aversion to Aliens (and mechanical contrivances). However, based on your status as an alien...
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    Unban penguin

    The video of him tracking a flying enemy through a wall and through the air is as obvious as you can be. I'd love to hear the explanation behind that one. Maybe the mouse got stuck? Also while on the issue as much as baiting other we should be muting equally and maybe with a bit more freedom to...
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    Do you really want 4K?

    Broadcasting 8K in Japan already Trump will buy the jail he is sent to, I liken him to the rich Biff Tannen in BTTF2
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    Do you really want 4K?

    QLED 8k is where its at im afraid
  14. TopCAt!

    Stopwatch mode on ET server

    Can we lower the FG rifle damage as well, swizz has been smashing me with it. I recommend a new setting of -2hp per bodyshot and -3hp for a headshot