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    Coming Clean - Goodbye and good luck

    You say you've left, but you'll be back. We always come back, no matter how long the hiatus. Cheers
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    KFC voting me spec...because he feels like it

    I think this thread has said all it needs to. Voting has been updated, see the pub log for changes. Hopefully we can all just enjoy some good games :) Cheers
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    KFC voting me spec...because he feels like it

    No one is perfect on this server. Zulu, you also rage at times, drone on at players and TK if you're angry. That being said, peng, Midas and others are also dicks at times. I highly suggest you all take a bit of a chill pill and don't overdo it on each other. Fair play with banter is typically...
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    Christmas time!

    I'm getting excited Cheers
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    Christmas time!

    Time to get the vsays and hats happening Phil and Ferny Cheers Trigger
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    The pure client thing we used to have in our code too, but we got rid of it because people complained. Too many instances where it would fail to load properly or something and you needed to restart ET from memory. We could do more anticheat type stuff in our code, but given there are only a...
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    Warn Swizz

    Yeah it was always 2 tanks away from a non-cap spawn. The only exception / area of grey is for things where obj is involved near exits (e.g. if you have to stop a moving target like a truck or tank and it goes past spawn) and I would allow them in this case personally. Cheers
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    Stopwatch mode on ET server

    Sounds great phil! :D Cheers
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    Stopwatch mode on ET server

    The whole point of SW is to not have XP, otherwise you're just playing XP save again. If we pull over XP it defeats the point. In terms of the weapons and things, they definitely need to be tweaked...maybe someone has an old competition SW config we can use? Another thing we should add to our...
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    Stopwatch mode on ET server

    Woo great stuff Phil! @gbt, I've done nothing :) Phil is the man of the hour for this! Cheers
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    Stopwatch mode on ET server

    Hmm I thought it might be something like that. If it isn't a complicated process, I'm happy to learn the process and throw it on if there is enough support. It may be better to be handled by admins anyway just to help keep the peace on the server. Let me know what you think / if it's possible...
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    Any OG OZ still around?

    Been a while! Cheers
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    Looks awesome! Cheers
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    Some more comments based on gameplay and chats with others on the server: 1. All 4 levels is OK, but is it possible to do this via XP rather than levels themselves? Key issues are that bots will remain at 4 stars, which makes them annoying with arty spam / mortar spam etc. Also, some people do...