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    DayZ players introduction

    I was playing but nearly every server is full over hackers :(
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    Pokemon MMO

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    Your Favorite: Song?

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    Hi im XIAPAN :-)

    Hey mate, like Joke said GL with your move!
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    OZ Web Server Migration

    Doesn't take 30 secs to load everything now woo!
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    An oldie but a goodie.

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    So you think you know whats real ...

    Very very interesting!
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    Post your rigs!

    Rest of the specs! Also just noticed same mobo!
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    TJ Server

    Good to see!
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    Post your rigs!

    CM cases are top shit imo.
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    Post your rigs!

    Ah, still think that was me, how cute.
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    Post your rigs!

    Oh nice mate.
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    GBA Roms

    http://www.emuparadise.me/ Has everything you need for emulators from SNES to PS2.
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    Post your rigs!

    Haha, I bought my new case and was determined to have it neat and shit, that didn't happen..