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  1. Darkangl

    World change, economy!

    I think that as it is we should look for plugins to make the server more pvp-enthusiastic. Such as custom land generation (world generators, or voxelsniper/worldedit land), Plugins that make obsidian break under to many tnt blasts, water not protecting things. Things that would invite more...
  2. Darkangl

    SUPREME_SCOOTER application for MOD

    Please use the moderator templates. It's there for organization, and to show skill/proficiency.
  3. Darkangl

    Darkangl's application [NOT PASSED]

    Darkangl's Moderator Application: My In-Game-Name: Darkangl My Real name: Seren My Age: 18 My er... Life story, as it be: So lets see here... I am an American and I was born in Saint George, Utah on the west coast. I had a normal life since I was about 7, and then my parent got a divorce. It...