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  1. Joke :D

    Me and my mate JoKeR

    come to syd jason u sexy beast and i'll show you how you really ride da see-saw
  2. Joke :D

    Around a bit more

    welcome back!
  3. Joke :D

    Not Passed countrytrippers application for ET

    post pics of daughters and its an f1 from me xoxo
  4. Joke :D

    Br's 21st party

    You can tell he feels sexy. This is great, no eye bleach needed, 9/10 would fap over again
  5. Joke :D


    the tie is orsum! i'm assuming the lips are to stop your asian escorts biting your spanner again keke
  6. Joke :D

    Extreme music.

  7. Joke :D


    A few mates have started playing this, and I reckon its as fun as WoW, plus they have random world event pretty regularly which are pretty sweet, and PvP is hella fun. The way the class system works is also really cool. Anyone else playing? If not, its F2P, with the option to subscribe for full...
  8. Joke :D

    ET Fun night

    Good find! I reckon a fun night would be good. Take the map times down to 10 mins (20 on golden dunk with or without music, and christmas sniper, was a server killer). The maps on the old No Quater server would be good too (LoL_funpark, and there was this other map that had really low gravity...
  9. Joke :D


    Glad to have you back phil m8. You still in contact with Lammy? xoxo
  10. Joke :D

    Track the NBN rollout

    Yeah, the closest suburb I could find was campsie, the dun even have Burwood on the map!
  11. Joke :D

    Happy Birthday Everynoob!

    RERD CERDIERL! Happy birfday ET! I expect every single ET player to be on the OZ server tonight
  12. Joke :D

    Map Poll - To Remove

    this please
  13. Joke :D

    Maps that we should add

    http://returntocastlewolfenstein.filefront.com/file/Flughafen;18054 cant remember if this has been on the server or not, but this is a great map, worth a shot
  14. Joke :D

    I'm Back !

    Not sure if you remember me, but I remember you! You were in OZ for a bit, back when HaPpY and Joy were still in OZ/playing. I think Frenchy still plays a bit too. Welcome back good sir
  15. Joke :D

    Your Favorite: Song?

  16. Joke :D

    USSR Bear training

  17. Joke :D

    Hey mates x)

    hey midas m8 how r u? how is uni and football and cricket goen?! (facts)
  18. Joke :D

    Picture war

  19. Joke :D

    Picture war

  20. Joke :D

    Dirty bomb, The next ET

    It depends what iron sights does in the game. In CoD, using ironsights slows your movement speed down and greatly reduces bullet spread with sustained fire, and also zooms in slightly. I'm assuming the arguments against it are because it takes away from the feel of the game. But if you look at...