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    KFC putting people into spec because he feels like to go on some team

    Like you say, it's been going on for ages and nobody does anything about this. as for somebody else claims about me or anybody else deserving this. it's only about the millionth time KFC and goons get off abusing patrons by directly manipulating game, without anyone doing or saying anything. in...
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    KFC putting people into spec because he feels like to go on some team

    Happened to me last night and to Don just now. Idiot KFC joins server and put Don spec, because he and his buddy Lal want to both play on Axis. There was nothing said or anything before KFC just decided he feels like doing this. This is atrocious behavior and bullying by an idiot that now has...
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    Trains n Stuff

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    Oz mod development

    I saw the changelog about g_tyranny not working on et legacy. Found the following info about it on et legacy doco for another mod. Should work for oz etpub when done this way. g_tyranny This cvar controls the use of administrator commands that could be used by admins to cheat or abuse players...
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    Warn Swizz

    There is now a goldie map with a mini tank, so measure is very rough. Would be good to put lines or color areas in the map on the ground where hwsk in effect. You can then actually retrieve position of air strike, panza etc if needs be.
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    Frame drop on new PC

    if for some reason you want to go back to using original et: you want to install nvidia inspector third party program (on windows), add a new profile using nvidia inspector profile program and change the "extension limit" to 4844 (hexadecimal). This program lets you change many more nvidia...
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    KFC is a big fat loser

    This has been going on for months. Whenever I'm playing by myself against two or three opponents, the nitwit KFC jumps in to stack it even more. Biggest loser i ever saw and a llwlife to boot. It's not enough that he has exploits etc. He's trying to get to me. But the bafoon is merely making a...
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    ETMIN alternative.

    I dont understand why you need a minimizer, perhaps something about using ET with teamspeak? Ever since Win XP, using ALT-ENTER takes you between windowed and fullscreen. From windowed mode you can minimize.
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    Silly admins

    Huh? It had nothing to do with accusing of hacking, of which there are only a few culprits. I protested about the extreme stacking. Now he threatened me with ban from server for changing my name to "BadAdminTon", whilst i'm muted. Meanwhile the haxors group get away with beating up on players...
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    Silly admins

    Been muted for a while because Asch didnt like me calling him a "DH" when he stacked 5v1 and lost. He's re-muted me because he gets offended easily. Today I changed my name to "BadAdminTon" and he PM'ed me saying "you don't really want to be here". All this time another player has had the name...
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    Currently permanently muted by Asch...who is a derp that wont balance teams but will mine on 5v2.

    I wasnt talking about any haxing, so dont conflate things. You dont need to shuffle, but when you join already stacked team then it would be a bit of fairness if you didnt mine the shit out of the map when i had 4 bots and a noob as team mates. Study the chat, where your team on that map is...
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    Currently permanently muted by Asch...who is a derp that wont balance teams but will mine on 5v2.

    It's not as if i dont protest unfair stacking first, but then the admin (instead of doing something useful like not stacking themselves) go the extra mile to make the game even more unfair by mining and their team also panza and fops, just goes way beyond everyone having a bit of fun. Against...
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    Currently permanently muted by Asch...who is a derp that wont balance teams but will mine on 5v2.

    Currently permanently muted by Asch...who is a derp that wont balance teams but will mine on 5v2. I said he's a "DH" and he muted me. Never bothers to balance teams but calling him a "DH" offends him greatly that he has to abuse admin powers. Get a life Asch you dork.
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    Nothing using lag script

    It's not as if kfc/nothing doesn't aimbot either. HS whilst he's jumping and I jumped out around the corner from a good distance away. So apparently no bullet spread from jumping and perfect aim all in one. how convenient for "some old regs" aka old cheats. Also shoots hitboxes before he can...
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    Nothing using lag script

    It's been a long time observation of mine that no matter how good their ping and my own connection to server, all these uber players warp like shit all over the place, but other players generally dont. Appearing 2 metres away from last location where the suspended enemy is unhittable on target...
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    Something is not right on server....HS ETpub server sounds play on OZ etpub

    I went for a minute to play on HS Etpub server, which loads their pk3s. Back on OZ Etpub it is playing HS sounds. Apart from the curiosity/stupidity value this has, it has more serious security/admin implications, as it looks like other server pk3s are loaded when playing on OZ Etpub. I thought...
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    Connection and HD display

    Some of the cvars in the second lot are from rtcw and not ET. Hence they don't do anything. There's some other etpro and etpub server side cvars there, which obviously don't do a thing when playing as a client on etpub. In terms of display quality, I finally found out how to get rid of the color...
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    Nothing using lag script

    When he turned it on occasionally before doing the TJ stuff, he was basically unhittable, because warping. This 1fps script stuff probably has more use for exploiting jumps or satchels or other glitches but, it still gave him an unfair advantage and ruins it for opponents trying to aim at a...
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    Nothing using lag script

    Sincere apologies Baker Street. You’re correct that I mixed you up with Burgo.
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    Nothing using lag script

    You have accused me of somehow cheating with cvar snaps 40, even though it was a leftover from another server and has zero impact as internally ET client matches to server snaps value anyway if client value higher. It’s not the first time you accused me. You got the ill-advised cg_shadows forced...