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  • et server ftp back up the host had some issues should be all fixed now

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  1. ExoticTripZzz

    Server still going?

    hey guys haven’t played in awhile due to having to sell my computer for a phone and been working out of town but just brought a new pc and ET gonna be the first one I download! Still populated at regular times? :trump:
  2. ExoticTripZzz

    Need help solving ET problem

    Okay so every time I start up ET and join a server my fps always drops to 20 when in front of players or in gun fights even with shooting guns at no one. I'm really confused because I've never had this problem before as even in FA recruiting with 50 players I always had 125 fps as I've forced it...
  3. ExoticTripZzz

    Connection and HD display

    Connection (Ethernet use) rate 25000 snaps 40 seta cl_maxpackets "125" seta cl_packetdup "0" seta net_noipx "0" seta net_noudp "0" pb_system "1" pb_security "0" pb_sleep "500" seta cl_punkbuster 1 seta net_noipx 1 seta net_noudp 0 seta b_antilag 1 seta g_antilag 1 seta r_ignoreFastPath 1 seta...
  4. ExoticTripZzz

    Application to join clan

    Hi, my name is Dylan, I'm a made man. I currently play as "ExoticTripZzz". I am a mature student currently looking for a part time job. I enjoy writing what society calls savage rap, eggs and bacon :wtf: reading novels and sketched realistic art. I am a straight forward guy that'll defuse any...