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  1. Baker Street

    KFC putting people into spec because he feels like to go on some team

    Definitely trolling. In Bandi's screenshot, nothing happened after peng used the !putteam command. If he had admin, there would have been a confirmation message line from the server that the command had been executed yes?? :android:
  2. Baker Street

    Trains n Stuff

  3. Baker Street

    NY in the rain

    This clip is boring af - just someone stolling down a New York street and filming in it UHD. Like I said boring, but still strangely immersive. The 4K makes it so sharp it feels like you're there. The rain makes it even more watchable – just to remind this Queenslander what rain looks like ...
  4. Baker Street

    Your Favorite: Song?

  5. Baker Street

    Trains n Stuff

  6. Baker Street

    An interesting article on my Grandfather Percy Burge.

    Talented man your Grandad. And tough!
  7. Baker Street

    A 4K time-lapse film and musical score

  8. Baker Street

    Battlefield V

    Anyone who has played RTCW or ET has an edge with this game in that you are familiar with most of the available weapons, and you can swap weapons from dead enemies. By far the best are the MP40 and FG42 for both in-close skirmish and/or spray and pray, and bulk ammo can be looted off bodies...
  9. Baker Street

    Your Favorite: Song?

  10. Baker Street

    Metro Exodus

    No new games catch my fancy atm so replaying this and this time no killing, not even definite baddasses if I can help it. It can be hard tho to tell which is which coz even the 'good' guys will try and kill you for no reason when you first came across them, but once you neutralise without...
  11. Baker Street

    Unreal Engine latest

  12. Baker Street

    Gaming AI

    The bit about how much it costs to render just one detailed building/street scene ...
  13. Baker Street

    Yahoo NBN

    Ahh bummer mate. Humbug indeed. Is that coz you are remote/rural in your northwest neck of Vic?
  14. Baker Street

    Yahoo NBN

    er ain't got one - unlimited af data :cool: edit: I forgot to mention that with an 18 month contract, they throw in the Wifi-5G modem for nix, otherwise $99.
  15. Baker Street

    Yahoo NBN

    Finally got it and without any of the horror stories I had read about other experiences with the install process. Although the dude I spoke to initially said to just plug the new modem DSL cable straight into my current ADSL line splitter no worries mate. Luckily while I was waiting for the...
  16. Baker Street

    Trains n Stuff

  17. Baker Street

    A Journey to the End of Time

    A brilliantly produced 30 minute film with conjectures by the world's leading astrophysicists of what lies ahead for our amazing universe, right up to the end of time. (4K)
  18. Baker Street

    Metro Exodus

    Dammit why'd no-one tell me there are two possible game endings. Just coz I was a total arsehat and killed everything and everyone, now I'm ded and buried lol
  19. Baker Street

    Metro Exodus

    2 GB update just released. A. About time they fixed the crash bugs B. The crossbow is awesome (toss up between it and the tikhar) and it is now available at the beginning which it should have been with the original release...