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  • et server ftp back up the host had some issues should be all fixed now

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  1. phillgates2


    Ok guys just puting it out here what are peoples thoughts on jaymod?
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    Easy mousse

  3. phillgates2

    Easy mousse

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    GTA 5 Online PS4

    We have a social club tag is OZGM feel free to join if you want
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    We have just finished the et stats page should update daily (have not yet tested the daily update yet). The stats site is http://www.overzealousgamers.com/vsp/pub
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    Monthly Donations

    Thank you for donating to keep our server alive -OZ-LEMR -OZ- CCCDFERN Teddles Phoenix -OZ- Baker Street -OZ- OVERMARS
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    Yo guys hope people will be well wont be in contact till december
  8. phillgates2

    Oz mod development

    Any requests Only doing this as im updating the code not sure if you might get them but will try :)
  9. phillgates2

    et is up

    just fine tuning it at the moment due to bots and some other things not working yet but the ip is Address: Port: 27960
  10. phillgates2

    Hosting Company Sold

    Just letting every body know that BlackRacoons hosting company that we have been going through for a few years now has been sold yesterday to another hosting company. So we might be moving servers and getting new ip addresses for et minecraft and ark but will depend on what BR comes up with...
  11. phillgates2

    ET IS UP || was offline

    don't know if BR is derping server, ET is offline atm not sure when be back up sent messages to host
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    Overwatch is crap :p jks here is your thread for overwatch post away ppls:pompus::bookworm::Blackalien:
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    Wolfenstein Enemy Territory Download Link

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    Ark: Survival Evolved

    So has any one played it and what is it like :D
  15. phillgates2

    MC unwhitelisted

    due to server being out of hdd space we had to remove all factions and renew them due to many errors popping up sorry
  16. phillgates2

    Minecraft changes

    We have decided to make these changes in light of the recent decline of players coming to the server, Hunger-Games is no longer being updated and plug-ins like factions are being redesigned by their makers to suit much bigger servers. Thus we are choosing a different direction and going with it...
  17. phillgates2

    Et pub update

    Ok just letting you guys know we are going to be updating our pub mod over the next coming weeks as of now we won't be supporting the Mac OS, as it is a pain in the ass to compile. Regards Admin/dev team
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    Awesome life

    What it is like with out parents for a few months
  19. phillgates2

    Mojangs new Eula

    Due yo the updated Eula for mojan we will be doing some changes to the donation system soon
  20. phillgates2

    Post Your Cars

    this mine at night the moon made it look like day :)