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  1. Baker Street

    [Bot] Name requests

    Adams, Pratchett, Asimov, Clarke, Bradbury, Heinlein, Wells, Verne, LeGuin, Orwell, Huxley, Aldiss, Ballard, Koontz, Vonnegut ...
  2. Baker Street

    Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2

    Turn up the headphones...
  3. Baker Street


  4. Baker Street


  5. Baker Street

    Your Favorite: Song?

  6. Baker Street

    Zulu has lost his title

    I reckon. That would take me ole china to well in excess of 3.7 billion :cigar:
  7. Baker Street

    GranDaDs story.

    Great story Bandi. Also there are issues with the server, with random things working and not working, links broken etc (for example that link 7 posted works for me). I will pass this issue on.
  8. Baker Street

    Microsoft Flight Sim 2020

  9. Baker Street

    Borderlands 3 coming to steam

    Thanks fernington. Looking very seriously at it, but not having played any of the previous titles hmmm PS that link ^^ is broke ... https://store.steampowered.com/app/397540/Borderlands_3/
  10. Baker Street

    Metro Exodus

    Aye, it is a big beast of a game and it seems to take forever to DL. As far as graphics, I have a Nvidia GTX 1080Ti GPU (which is a beast) but even it can't run this game in 4K with all ultra settings everywhere. Resolution and settings need dialling down in certain stages (eg forests with lots...
  11. Baker Street

    Metro Exodus

    Exodus 40% off till Feb 19...
  12. Baker Street

    Your Favorite: Song?

  13. Baker Street

    Please change ahem funny bot name

    arrgh too late ...
  14. Baker Street

    KFC putting people into spec because he feels like to go on some team

    Definitely trolling. In Bandi's screenshot, nothing happened after peng used the !putteam command. If he had admin, there would have been a confirmation message line from the server that the command had been executed yes?? :android:
  15. Baker Street

    Trains n Stuff

  16. Baker Street

    NY in the rain

    This clip is boring af - just someone stolling down a New York street and filming in it UHD. Like I said boring, but still strangely immersive. The 4K makes it so sharp it feels like you're there. The rain makes it even more watchable – just to remind this Queenslander what rain looks like ...
  17. Baker Street

    Your Favorite: Song?

  18. Baker Street

    Trains n Stuff

  19. Baker Street

    An interesting article on my Grandfather Percy Burge.

    Talented man your Grandad. And tough!