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    Knives/grape is back :)

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    [Bot] Name requests

    Australian Prime Ministers?
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    KFC voting me spec...because he feels like it

    Not bad Matilda, though I don't like you very much, I prefer Don. Can you please let Don know I saw the dentist today, dentist patched up the tooth, nothing too serious. What a relief!
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    KFC voting me spec...because he feels like it

    You quit ages ago!!
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    KFC voting me spec...because he feels like it

    I F1 every vote, not because I'm a goon, I just think if someones taken the time out of their busy evening to call a vote, it deserves to win, no matter how ludicrous
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    I miss you all

    There is a new problem, we didn't move the computer desk from the old place to new, infact it was smashed up in to small pieces. So now the first priority is a new computer desk, then I can worry about the other items before I ever make it back. I hope I'm not missing Beach P.S We now have...
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    I miss you all

    I haven't seen my father in 28 years, so there is a possibility that Ted is right.
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    I miss you all

    Oh I dont miss Zulu
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    I miss you all

    Hi Everyone, You've probably not even noticed but I haven't played in a while. This is due to a few reasons: 1. I have a dodgy boot disc in the CD drive, and I cant turn on the computer, because it tries to boot from the CD. The eject button is broken so I can't eject the CD. I cant see any...
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    I'm quitting.. so long!

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    Goldendunk and BEACH Just those 2 thanks
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