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  1. Scream

    Cheap games

    Hello everyone just thought id let you know you can get 5 games for $5.70 you can donate as much as you want its all for charity link is here > https://www.humblebundle.com/ < Thank you. Proof if you might think its a scam. (These are of my steam games list) http://i47.tinypic.com/1o7hht.png...
  2. Scream

    [Steam] Halloween Sale

    I love the steam sales ;) i bought F.E.A.R 3, Blades of Time and Red Nation all for $32.00
  3. Scream

    Needing motivation around the office?

    Terry Tate for president? (woo)
  4. Scream

    Crazycars -OZ- application. [PASSED]

    Congratulations on Joining OverZealous Gamers, your application has passed. You now have access to all OZ members forums. Additionally you have priority access to all of our game and voice servers. We are in 8 separate game divisions and have over 300 members throughout them. Feel free to...
  5. Scream

    Crazycars -OZ- application. [PASSED]

    Hey mate glad to see that you are interested in the TF2 div and the OZ community ill bring this app to the attention of the other leaders of the TF2 div and we will get back to you. Hope to see you in TF2! Also may i ask if your TS name is the same as your steam name? Yours Sincerely Revy...
  6. Scream

    I haven't been playing Minecraft beacause......

    You have to deal with people all the same way you cant favor your friends or what not you need to treat every one the same like if you temp ban some one for saying "poo" (as an example) and then your friend says "poo" you can just say hey watch your language you would have to temp ban him too...
  7. Scream

    Wildfire's application

    Hey Wild you a good bloke nice to chat with fun to play with aswell and good at SMNC ^^ ill talk to other admins.
  8. Scream

    [Retail] Diablo 3 for $20

    I could under stand people raging that they didn't get a copy at such good price but its first in best dress really.
  9. Scream


    Hello ePickle welcome to OZ :) hope you have a super time! (bananao) Fun Fact -> my friend does not know what a pickle is!
  10. Scream

    Trinity App

    Hay Trinity i have been playing with you alot helpful gave me some tips on dodge ball =P and a nice bloke
  11. Scream

    Bryce_Pepper application.

    Hello Bryce i have been talking with you alot and playing with you alot your funny helpful and nice <3 andi think you will be good for OZ.
  12. Scream

    OZ Application [NOT PASSED]

    Hello Wolfman iv been playing with you on the trade server and seem like a good bloke and respectful to others so its a +1 from me.
  13. Scream

    josh [PASSED]

    geez nice pic/app xD and +1 from me good person to chat with and play =)