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  1. Baker Street

    Calling All Reprobates (and normal ppl too)

    PC on the blink and booked in for TLC and until then can only play not very GPU demanding games eg ET. Hopped on FA server tonight rusty af and a 300 ping - got slaughtered :p
  2. Baker Street

    Interesting artickle

    On reflection the article in the link was, as you pointed out, irrelevant, plus I am uncomfortable using a person's mental health issues in that manner. The only time it is fair to use argumentum ad hominem in a discourse is when it is about Donald Trump.
  3. Baker Street

    Trains n Stuff

    If you're like me and think you're crash hot changing a watch battery ...
  4. Baker Street


    The latest info on possible extinction event asteroids hitting us. Very informative, but not very reassuring lol
  5. Baker Street

    Trains n Stuff

  6. Baker Street

    Calling All Reprobates (and normal ppl too)

    Aww I miss D_R. Too busy once he got his PhD. Some of those binds brought back fond memories - like throttling graphics and bandwidth depending on how much RAM we had or whether we had ADSL or not. But then again, this was only 2009 :cool: But jebus, that still has stacks of useful stuff. I...
  7. Baker Street

    So what happened to dBd?

    Ah so - dbdclan.com.au now changed to etnam.freeforums.net in bookmarks. Ty Chuky
  8. Baker Street

    So what happened to dBd?

    Nah Nam is still going. I connected OK but it's so long since I was last there, I had to dl a shitload of files. Glad I have fast NBN :evilb: But the forums website def seems to be gone...
  9. Baker Street

    Brilliant sci-fi spaceships size comparison

    Jeebus, I ain't even heard of a lot of these. But I take issue with the depicted size of the Tardis, seeing how it is infinitely big on the inside an' all :cool:
  10. Baker Street

    [Bot] Name requests

    Adams, Pratchett, Asimov, Clarke, Bradbury, Heinlein, Wells, Verne, LeGuin, Orwell, Huxley, Aldiss, Ballard, Koontz, Vonnegut ...
  11. Baker Street

    Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2

    Turn up the headphones...
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  14. Baker Street

    Your Favorite: Song?

  15. Baker Street

    Zulu has lost his title

    I reckon. That would take me ole china to well in excess of 3.7 billion :cigar:
  16. Baker Street

    GranDaDs story.

    Great story Bandi. Also there are issues with the server, with random things working and not working, links broken etc (for example that link 7 posted works for me). I will pass this issue on.
  17. Baker Street

    Microsoft Flight Sim 2020

  18. Baker Street

    Borderlands 3 coming to steam

    Thanks fernington. Looking very seriously at it, but not having played any of the previous titles hmmm PS that link ^^ is broke ... https://store.steampowered.com/app/397540/Borderlands_3/