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  1. i0nwr1t3r


    Ok Phill thanks , it's just rnading isn't fun with no charge after planting a dyno.
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    Does Arty have unlimited charge? Also why does my XP reset everytime I connect to server?
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    The med settings are good as they are , the 10 second pack delay is about right , it stops the whole rambo med thing and that's only good for general gameplay.
  4. i0nwr1t3r


    XP save makes a massive diffence to point and click players (rnade and panzer) but makes very little difference to smg'ers. So when Axis meds a sk'ing and you want a panzer to break the deadlock , xp save makes all the difference.
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    Some people are unhappy on server that the Panzer was nerfed.
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    It's alright ferny , I personally found everyone tripping mines entertaining , maybe learn how engineers feel , but you really have to nerf that Trigger Happy guy , he keeps owning me. :P
  7. i0nwr1t3r

    Not Passed invader want to rejoin OZ

    Hi Invader , the vote on your application is still underway. Give it about a week to finalize.
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    The mines are fine as they are imo. I'd raise the 10k limit though , that does seem to low.
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    All players set off landmines. Does this mean engineers can be kicked for team damage?
  10. i0nwr1t3r

    Not Passed countrytrippers application for ET

    That you Thomo? I haven't seen any FKQ members around for a long time now.
  11. i0nwr1t3r

    Kill Spree's & TK's

    ET Pub doesn't require a tk to revive a player , that's an ET Pro mod requirement but if you are tk'd it does end your kill streak. For meds it's an optional trade off you can tk revive but you lose your own kill streak for tk'ing when it isn't necessary. Would it be make for more inteligent...
  12. i0nwr1t3r

    Xmas Sniper in July

    Says it all really.
  13. i0nwr1t3r

    Forum fixed - slight roll back

    So it wasn't my browser derping , I was like "where's da log in!"
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    fliqpar isn't catapolt , fliq is an old oz scrim team member , catapolt is a former dbd member.
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    Map Poll - To Remove

    Most of the rotation servers cease to exist , map voting servers tend to outlive them imo.
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    Happy Birthday Everynoob!

    Happy birfday ET , may your goomba's be epic!
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    802.11AC Router info + NBN

    Any of ,you heard anything about 802.11ac routers (gigabit wireless) , here's a useful link if your in the market & what to look for to support NBN connections. http://apcmag.com/5-things-to-look-for-in-an-80211ac-router-and-adapter.htm
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    OZ vs H*S?

    Can't do anything between probably Friday & Tuesday , family commitments. After then hit me up & remind me xD
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    Hey Fliq , long time no see , still doing the scrim thing? Hasn't really been a lot of scrimming these days , more pubbing than anything.
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    Nick Cave flogs the Barossa...

    Was kind of worried clicking on any link with a title like that! So it's with mild amusement that it's a tourism clip for the song Red Right Hand. Got to say I'm not much of a fan of his new band Grinder Man , may be time to hang up his spurs.