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    Christmas time!

    Time to get the vsays and hats happening Phil and Ferny Cheers Trigger
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    Christmas Maps

    Hey all, long time no see. Finally popped my head in since I have some holidays and it's great to see a few familiar faces alive and shooting :) However, it is December and I don't see any snow, Christmas hats or presents to give out from your generous medics and fops! Need I mention the crowd...
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    Web Developers look inside

    Hi Guys, So I'm not too shabby at general development stuff, however when it comes to web development I am pretty nooby. What I want to do, is make a small app for my phone to keep on top of notifications coming from this fine clan site of ours and to do so I will need to figure out all this...
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    Hammer & Trigga

    @Hammer, well the only times I have seen lots of disconnects on maps is usually due to people downloading the map itself and after a few times of it most people are still there. There are times when people ragequit on a map they don't like, but that will always happen. Again, we cater to...
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    Favourite new toy

    Hey Guys, Just thought I'd share my experiences with my new toy, the Acer Iconia A501 tablet. I got this as a bday/graduation present and so far I'm really loving it! Initially I thought tablets were kind of silly, but once I started lookig into them I've found that they are really handy for...
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    An idea

    So we see a lot of threads these days about people thinking others hack or are just plain annoying to the server. These people really ruin our fun and it seems that there isn't anything we can do about it, they either check out clean and aren't hacking or their annoying ways just goes unnoticed...
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    Get in for the GGS!

    OZ server is booming like the old days so get in and play on the best server in Aus :D We look forward to a great year of ET and also other games that we are branching out into. We would like to thank all of our loyal regulars for supporting us throughout the year and also to those new players...
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    New moderation tool /!report

    Hi Guys, So to make life easier for players and moderators, we have now created a new command that players can use to alert moderators about a grievance on the server. Essentially, if you are being abused by a player, getting TK'd/Bled on purpose or think that someone is hacking, you can now...
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    Updated OZ Menu

    Hey Guys, Due to our recent change in hosting, we now have new IP addresses and also some new servers. I have now updated the OZ menu pk3 file that some of you might have had from way back that Skanky made that was pretty handy to connect to the server. It now features all of our servers at a...
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    Party Music

    So I need some good party music ideas, I'm making a jukebox program for it and need to load it with some good tunes. I have quite a lot of music already, but thought I would put out a request for some good songs so I can have a nice range of stuff. So what kind of party music (no metal, emo...
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    Domain Names

    Hey Guys, So with domain names right, some places seem to charge more or less for the same domain name and I don't really understand why. I am guessing that there are some kind of services that come with the domain name or something like that but if someone could explain what the differences...
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    Map Rotation

    Hey Guys, Been a while since we have had some decent maps running on the server so I thought I would check out some current stats of what we have running. So basically I only show the stats that are really relevant and that is the times played and the number of votes for each map. It is ordered...
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    Hey Guys, Just wondering what people thought of COD and what they like about the game. I like aspects of both games though I haven't played COD in years. What is everyone's thoughts on these games and their differences? Cheers
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    For Frog

    I looked at the code and made the changes per your request of the sten stats being included in !stats, it was actually a rather simple thing to do. When we put the new updates on the server these new stats will be included. Cheers
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    Road Trip!

    Well I'm heading off on a road trip for two weeks from tomorrow. Thought I'd let everyone know why I won't be around to constantly yap and be a failmin on the server for a while :D Don't miss me too much. Cheers
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    Trigger Happy's Application {PASSED}

    Well I thought I might apply for oz seeing as it is open and all. Ingame Name/Aliases: Trigger Happy Real Name: Dan Gender: Male Age: Old enough How Long played ET: Since it started Previous Clans: {MOFO}, blues (for origin scrim), ogn regs Scrimmed before/would you like to scrim: yes and well...