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  1. Baker Street

    Trains n Stuff

  2. Baker Street

    Good Reads - wip

    Sent a DM mate
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    Good Reads - wip

    It certainly looking that way Horus. I watched the first three eps of Foundation and it's pretty hit and miss. Looks like not much budget outlayed for stuff like CGI for example. I have seen some amateur attempts at rendering spaceships with Blender that look almost professional compared to...
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    Good Reads - wip

    Finally ...
  5. Baker Street

    What games are you playing now

    :thumbsup: Just finished COD: Modern Warfare 2. It's the 2007 single player game that has been totally remastered in 2019 with new a new engine, graphics (up to 4K), and gameplay. And it's cheap - $35. Loved every minute - 9/10 from me. One point off for being too short, but each chapter can be...
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    Your Favorite: Song?

  7. Baker Street

    What games are you playing now

    Getting shit kicked out of me In Cyberpunk 2077; driving into things @ 350kph in Forza Horizon 4 (solo and pvp); still getting lost in the snow in Red Dead; losing badly to everyone else in Dirt Rally 2.0 (damn game has no setting to turn down difficulty D:). Was replaying Metro: Exodus, but...
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    Connoisseur's Vanilla & Almond with Himalayan Salted Chocolate, and their Murray River Salted Caramel with Macadamia ice cream sticks. And yeah, I really should lose a few ks ...
  9. Baker Street

    Corona virus - how has it affected you?

    Hardly at all up here in Godzone country. Was a slight risk of running out of bog paper at the start of it all, then last month all Qld had to wear masks for the first time, but for only two weeks. One of the advantages of living in another country I suppose :cool:. But I certainly feel for all...
  10. Baker Street

    DOVER, fredo, DOVER

    Ciao Matty. Although I don't believe for a minute you would be content with a card game - not after the adrenaline rush of ET :p But then again I found myself getting heavily invested in the online Guardian crossword and it's community of fellow cryptocruciverbalists. Fortunately I snapped out...
  11. Baker Street

    Coming Clean - Goodbye and good luck

    And Frogma. I miss froggy...
  12. Baker Street

    Calling All Reprobates (and normal ppl too)

    PC on the blink and booked in for TLC and until then can only play not very GPU demanding games eg ET. Hopped on FA server tonight rusty af and a 300 ping - got slaughtered :p
  13. Baker Street

    Interesting artickle

    On reflection the article in the link was, as you pointed out, irrelevant, plus I am uncomfortable using a person's mental health issues in that manner. The only time it is fair to use argumentum ad hominem in a discourse is when it is about Donald Trump.
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    Trains n Stuff

    If you're like me and think you're crash hot changing a watch battery ...
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    The latest info on possible extinction event asteroids hitting us. Very informative, but not very reassuring lol
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    Trains n Stuff

  17. Baker Street

    Calling All Reprobates (and normal ppl too)

    Aww I miss D_R. Too busy once he got his PhD. Some of those binds brought back fond memories - like throttling graphics and bandwidth depending on how much RAM we had or whether we had ADSL or not. But then again, this was only 2009 :cool: But jebus, that still has stacks of useful stuff. I...
  18. Baker Street

    So what happened to dBd?

    Ah so - dbdclan.com.au now changed to etnam.freeforums.net in bookmarks. Ty Chuky