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  1. cccdfern

    Your Favorite: Song?

    Folk heavy metal...love it
  2. cccdfern

    What games are you playing now

    Tks were half the fun in dead island, find an small room, appear excited and wait for someone to enter, toss molotov in and shut door.
  3. cccdfern

    What games are you playing now

    Was guildwars 2, now fallout 4 and some indies, probably should install metro exodus
  4. cccdfern


    What kind(s) of lollies/sweets/confectionary/candy do you ladies and gentlemen like?
  5. cccdfern

    Corona virus - how has it affected you?

    Besides wearing masks everywhere out, it hasn't been a huge inconvenience, regional vic hasn't changed much, besides no markets for cheap tools. All our work is at home on the farm or next door, roads have been slightly quieter which is nice for tractoring between properties.
  6. cccdfern

    Coming Clean - Goodbye and good luck

    A mention :o Thank you for being a part of what we were
  7. cccdfern

    If anyone cares, etmaster at idsoftware is down....update server to use etlegacy master

    Perhaps, we still have blips of players, but I've not had the time to get on for yonks
  8. cccdfern

    Calling All Reprobates (and normal ppl too)

    I found dis, it may be useful in some capacity https://overzealousgamers.com/threads/general-config-binds-details-noobs-version.211/
  9. cccdfern

    Your Favorite: Song?

  10. cccdfern

    So what happened to dBd?

    Well, forum user, since it appears forum email has been borked for about a year...
  11. cccdfern

    So what happened to dBd?

    Off topic, Welcome new person!
  12. cccdfern

    [Bot] Name requests

  13. cccdfern

    [Bot] Name requests

    no theme, just requests
  14. cccdfern

    [Bot] Name requests

  15. cccdfern

    ETPub Changelog

    Bot names changed
  16. cccdfern

    Free Hammerkr00k

    Resolved with hammerkrook, thanks for the headsup, we'll be getting in contact with our host to resolve the email issue
  17. cccdfern

    Free Hammerkr00k

    Hmm, servers actually spitting out errors, appears to be an issue with the software. See if we can fix this as its failing to send any emails.
  18. cccdfern

    Stopwatch Settings

    Access is the issue, only a few people have edit perms to the ftp/site