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  1. Middy

    Zulu has lost his title

    For a 17 y/o game, I'm impressed.
  2. Middy

    Gday to all the diehards in a wasteland of empty servers.

    ToG had some old men in it when I joined but there were some in there like FluffyDice who was a legend. One of the guys in charge I think he sold wine in Tasmania or something was a joke. FluffyDice coul actually play
  3. Middy

    Wolfenstein 2 : The New Colossus

    game is dead man. Try Blackout ;)
  4. Middy

    Banned from dBd??

    wtf are you doing playing this game anyway Gary, ..nostalgia? pubg and fortnight are where it's at now, and when Oct comes BFV! ......see you on the battlefield fatty :trump: dbd admins frequent the discord channel of this clan. https://www.fpsgamerz.com/ kevinrudd? and his strange friend...
  5. Middy

    Nothing using lag script

    dude wtf u doing still playing this game lol :trump:
  6. Middy


  7. Middy


    You need to suck up more, you need to make them feel important and you're not worthy.
  8. Middy


    Horus........Blame Horus he has a trigger finger always did.....
  9. Middy

    New KickStarter Game - Dead Matter

    I'd like to congratulate you on your 'thing', I am impressed there is no doubt. I think that 'having your shit that keeps going' while you are away would be a good..'thing' I could only imagine :trump:
  10. Middy


    I'm in South West WA(cold). I worked a few years in the Pilbara (underrated) then Darwin (overrated). I play Rainbow 6 Siege & Battlefield. I can't believe this game is still going wtf. is Lestat still alive? I have Sharky on Facebook. Horus cracked the sads with me after OGN booted him as an...
  11. Middy


    Emails I used to receive from Romulus on a regular basis lmao.. OGN frowns on admins that abuse their power. Lets just see how long you last. I still have some old OGN admin meetings I can send into OGN admins...and request MY admin position back......after all, Sharky was an EME and I was...
  12. Middy


    fluffydice made me these, probably the only person to be booted from TOG lol
  13. Middy


    I was looking for old map rotations cant find any atm
  14. Middy


    my old computer...my current computer looks similar no shit...still have those or similar headphones but held together with duct tape..lol
  15. Middy


    I found some old stuff in my photobucket account loool
  16. Middy

    Telstra admits blocking access to competitor broadband

    Im with iinet atm but wish I was with Telstra a large corporation bullying smaller corporations, unusual Hi Doug hehe
  17. Middy

    Game of Thrones preview

    Honest Trailer was a crack up baker street, nice work.
  18. Middy

    trouble - aimbot

    lol Hey Matilda, do you play any other online games?
  19. Middy

    Best mobile Broadband for a Rural area?

    signed up with iinet (month-to-month mobile broadband plan) using one of best and latest unlocked dongle thingy aircards (ebay) ..getting over 4.5Mbps...it seems slow but usable..the aircard sais it's well into the 3G range and using band HSPA+ is like $35/month for 10gb lesson...I think use...
  20. Middy

    Maps 2014

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