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    bring back lvl 4 battle sense!!

    hey guys just recently started playing again, was really enjoying it too till i was wondering what allies were doing instead of attacking i then went to spec and found like 5 of there 6 players were planting mines everywhere.. now im all for a bit of mine action.. but imo your recent removal of...
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    New computer plays ET worse!!

    so i just spent $2500 on a new comp.. went to play ET on radar and was getting 40 odd fps :S instead of 125 stable like my old 10 yr older comp is there something i need to do in windows 7..? not to sure with all this new fandango stuff.. plays all high end games on highest gfx settings yet i...
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    My Config!!!

    Does anybody have it.. could u pm me or post it here thx <3 or if someone has a pro one do the same
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    is there a server in australia that doesnt lag?

    was wondering cause OZ has turned to rubbish.... red spikes every second, what happened to this NO LAG EVER thingo? surely can be fixed soon?
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    Wobbleland 2011

    randomly came across this in my dubstep whoring if there is a 2012 one im honestly thinking about goin...looks like a once in a lifetime gig [youtube:t7leh11b]CUgK_RYjj2o[/youtube:t7leh11b]
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    Top 10 biggest jumps!

    after seeing baker streets "people are awesome" video.. i went looking for others here is another video showing the coolness of ppl!! enjoy guys i know i did :> [youtube:1dj9a001]qqhlfz9GQPE[/youtube:1dj9a001]
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    How Good does Guild Wars 2 look!

    so a mate send me a video of the demo of the new guild wars 2... i loved the first one but found it a bit limited, the second looks like it just ganna be unreal check it out http://au.gamespot.com/pc/rpg/guildwars ... reach-demo
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    So i did the unthinkable :<

    i bought the new expansion and started playing wow.... for shame for shame.... never thought id do it.......................... so who is else is playing and on what server?
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    West Coast Wins!

    nah nah nah nah you lost to west coast and a 4ft forward.. says alot when even big fletch cant stop him :P Edit: Please don't write posts title all in capitals and please make subject more appropriate, it has been renamed currently.
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    Got any Famous Mates in music?

    hey guys recently my mates band has started to get noticed quite a bit and a few of there songs being played on triple J http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NITWtb9_6uQ here is 1 of there songs.. anyone else know any kool musicians?
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    Is this guy hacking!! PART 2

    same person... but this demo is far more obvious imo.. if ppl cant see it this time i give up... so flippin obvious http://www.mediafire.com/?znwlmkjzikh
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    Is This guy hacking?

    i chucked a demo of a hacker on a site from another et server :o.. but yeah ive been told they think hes not hacking... im usually not wrong when i actually accuse someone of actually hacking... but have a look for yourselves, tell me what you think.. id like some feedback.. i see alot of cases...
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    Ultima Online scripting

    hey guys was wondering had played this game before and if you did, did you become pro scripter from it... help if you can :S Evil Pigeon: sub main() var bandageType = 0x0000 UO.AddObject('Puny Mortal') While UO.Targeting() UO.Wait(50) Wend Repeat UO.Attack('Puny Mortal')...
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    TJ Server is still down!! /wrists

    hey guys TJ server is still down :< :< im starting to get the shakes, resuscitate it please :P
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    Hi Guys!

    Hi guys My name is Doug, I've just downloaded this game and im about to try it out, i live in Perth and drive a RED car!! with 19" chrome! i like long walks on the beach, and incredible hulks (hypnotic and hennessy cognac).. if anyone could teach me the art of ETing i would be much...
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    New patch killed the game for me :<

    hey guys the new patch made it more or less unplayable for me, keeps shuddering every second like ive got some piece of crap comp.. Ok its pretty crap but more then good enough to get 100+ frames in Combat arms... anyone else having the same prob? or has anyone managed to fix it? any help would...
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    OZ TJ Server

    plz bring it back.. was fantastic times or has the ip changed or something? :< :< either way !! make it happen skanky sir
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    ET players add me to friends list!

    haha Wicked a Combat Arms section.. if you play it add me Ultinegs cya on there
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    Final Fantasy 13

    Hey party pplz just bought this gem on the xbox. 140 bucks was a bit iffy but was well worth it (apart from some crappy pictures and stickers i got with it) but yeah the game is amazing, its like 70% FMV's and 30% playtime and im like 5 hours into it.. visually its amazing, easily the sexiest...
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    Combat Arms

    Hey guys, after playing this crazy game called et for like 6 years too long ive recently come across a game kinda like et.. its called combat arms, free fps with a good variety of players.. offcourse being me i walked in and completely dominated so i was immediately hooked. Anyhow its alot of...