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  1. Akh-Horus

    What games are you playing now

    Looks like ET has hit the skids for so many of us. Crying shame as it was such a fun part of our lives but it appears no one loves playing it any more. So what games have people moved to? FPS or what? Are you in other clans or just going solo?
  2. Akh-Horus

    Corona virus - how has it affected you?

    Let us know what impact this has had on you and yours.
  3. Akh-Horus

    Name stealing still happens

    Unless overlord Overmars had an XP of 311. There is an Overmars on the server now. Mars?
  4. Akh-Horus

    So what happened to dBd?

    Seems to have folded and gone. Are we almost the last remaining server (even we are almost gone as well)?
  5. Akh-Horus

    Zulu has lost his title

    Had a look at the ladder and Matilda has taken the throne with XP. All hail the King (or Queen?).
  6. Akh-Horus

    What happened to the player's of yesteryear

    All the people who have come played and left. What happened to them all? What became of them?
  7. Akh-Horus

    Banned from dBd??

    Yeah I know but during the day no one plays on our server. Anyway - my account at dBd forums was removed.......no idea why. I know what my account name is and what the password is - has been removed. Was playing on the server today - playing against bots only - then bang - banned permanently...
  8. Akh-Horus

    Rockhampton this Wednesay night

    Heading up to a funeral in Emu park this Thursday, will be flying in Wednesday late arvo and heading back Thursday arvo. Anyone in Rockhampton?
  9. Akh-Horus

    Can't play on OZ due to elstra

    Every time I connect now the game lags out. I connect other servers and can play - sometimes. Telstra I think have over subscribed the exchange and I have logged a ticket. Who thought life could be so hard? Sometimes the ping goes through the roof, sometimes its ok, sometimes I just get lag...
  10. Akh-Horus

    Apologies for recent....

    I'm going to lock this if I remember how after I finish this. I've played on here, as well as playing ET for a long time. Always liked to think of myself as bit of normal sorta bloke, liked a laugh as well as a frag fest. ET has been a great release of tension for years no matter how much I...
  11. Akh-Horus


    Thought I would introduce myself as I have been away for a bit due to RL medical issues. Decided to come back to be pwned again. Medical issues still a large issue but meh. I'm bit of a nub at the game so be gentle. Not very experienced at all so be nice. Hi! lololololololololololol
  12. Akh-Horus

    ET Screen resolution issue xzcveg34vZcsedcsrbtr5gdfxgbrg11

    All of a sudden when I fire ET up I end up with the screen blown out to the point I cant see more than 25% of the ET game. No idea why it has done this, but I cant play. WTF?
  13. Akh-Horus

    Whatever happened to............

    Over the years of ET, people have come and gone from the community. Some have been silent and just cruised along, others have regaled us with tales and talents galore. There have been noticable legends of the community, some left with a Hi Ho Silver, others just disconnected and have never...
  14. Akh-Horus

    So whats new?

    Been a while since I stuck my head in here - and certainly not gaming. Whats new?
  15. Akh-Horus

    Start of a new era in OZ

    This is going to be a long post so bear with me. Its a timeline thing with a bang at the end. If its boring - well its been my ET life which is winding down so I am leaving it as a imprint of the player who you people know as Akh-Horus. I'm stepping down effective now as a leader at the OZ...
  16. Akh-Horus

    Hill Jnr BAN PLEASE

    Cant begin to say how disapointed I am. Have viewed a demo and am aghast that one of ours is hacking on our own server. Thats my opinion after viewing a demo supplied which has been viewed by other admin.... At this point if he isnt already Hilly Jnr is to be setleveled back to level 1. Any...
  17. Akh-Horus

    Joker unbanned

    I'm making this post after a long and careful study of the situation with Joker and the past. OZ members and staff have discussed the matter at great length and a decision has been made to unban him. BUT, Joker is to publicly agree to the following post. "Joker After long and careful...
  18. Akh-Horus

    200100705 or whatever download issue

    Keep connecting, being hit with this download attempt that keeps failing. Have removed the temp files repeatedly but still no good. Ideas?
  19. Akh-Horus

    Help Uncle Horrie with ts

    Been battling this for too long. Have win 7 professional 64 running on my quad core q9550 and just threw in a fatal1ty sound card and am unable to set everything up for the microphone so everyone can hear my velvetly dulcet tones on Teamspeak. I am quite confident it will be window settings...
  20. Akh-Horus

    Its official - I cant see right!

    Just to verify my claims made over the last few months, it has been verified today by a visit to an optomitrist. I have a decent case of Astigmatism as defined here. Also going long sighted. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Astigmatism I probably have been driving people bananas with "I gotta get...