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  1. phatbass

    PS3 gamer tags

    so as the title says whats your ps3 tag i am playing more ps3 now days so feel free to add me mofo-phat or post up your nicks so we can all add each other.
  2. phatbass

    Merry Christmas

    merry christmas guys and girls hope you all have a safe and good chrissy
  3. phatbass

    found this all you LoL players hahah

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58m7pHlW ... playnext=1 just watch rofl
  4. phatbass

    electro dance

    my canadian friend hooked me up thought i shall pass it on see if any one liked this kind of thing [youtube:3mwgd0f8]ziytUFRHoqI[/youtube:3mwgd0f8] and one related [youtube:3mwgd0f8]Z2uX_6IOQco&NR=1[/youtube:3mwgd0f8]
  5. phatbass

    Good Anime

    well i have 3 days to max 100 gig need anime to download but not crappy ones i have most of naruto already and a few others but looking for suggestions on other goodies please
  6. phatbass

    oz bc2 now streaming live

    we ll we are now streaming live to ggc guys trying something new rather than good ole pbbans let me know thoughts and opinions
  7. phatbass

    BC2 Maps

    hey guys if you have found any maps you have played or like or perhaps would like to try that we do not have on server post up links or so on and lets try some new ones
  8. phatbass

    OZ BFBC2 server

    just purchased a server for oz guys should be up in the next 6 hrs and it also comes with a vietnam server so in short oz now has it's own bfbc2 server :D looking forward to seeing you all on there
  9. phatbass

    EA Usernames

    hey guys so if you play the game add your in game username here so we can all add each other any off topic posts will be deleted as to make it easy for people to add each other
  10. phatbass


    well as you guys can see we are now expanding the oz clan to BFBC2, we hope to attain new members to oz with this game so if you know or meet someone in game that would like to join just pop an application in and it will be processed :) thanks
  11. phatbass

    ps3 usernames

    ok guys post up your online nicks for the ps3 mine is mofo-phat if you want to add me will be playing a fair bit of gt5 now
  12. phatbass


    ok so we were in ts and the idea came up of an oz meet but then the questions and problems arose where would we meet and so on. so would any oz players/members like to meet up and post any ideas suggestions you might have on time and place and so on p.s formal atire is a must non formal will...
  13. phatbass

    share your vids

    got a good youtube vid post it up music tracks what ever lets get some action here not a bad club track and got lots more http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VszypzWM ... re=related
  14. phatbass


    can we redo the homepage pls remove all the stuff that has forum links. it should have a link to tf2 stats on the left as well as et. it should also have as the main middle bit the servers we are hosting atm holy shit i just said we lol thats off the top of my head will think of more later thx
  15. phatbass

    mini mizor

    so i was searching for a tf2 minmizer and came across this it supports muliple games even et and you can set the key combo to minimize if anyone grabs it to try can you let me know what o/s you are using and if it works it just crashes for me on win7 and tf2...
  16. phatbass

    need tunes asap

    aight need some tunes for tonight tracks like this prefered but any that make you wanna get up and dance are good to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sazSfsjBk5A have quite a shit load already but more wont hurt and will just add to my collection
  17. phatbass

    Gfx card

    need 1 for the mrs pc when she decides to steal my lappy so i can still play anyone got 1 cheapish has to be pci or suggestions on 1 to get nothing to flash a 1 gig card or w/e will be ideal but 512 will do to
  18. phatbass


    just uninstalled et bye
  19. phatbass


    hahah just did these on the lotr map for anyone that wants to watch was wayyyyyy funny got a couple more if anyone wants lol
  20. phatbass

    supreme commander 2

    if anyone has a sorta good pc this will be worth getting it has everythign from nukes to arty planes boats and massive land units and every way to defend from them all even shields. hopefully ppl will be making world maps again for this 1 i will be getting it anyway if you guys are kind of into...