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    A great read.

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    The latest info on possible extinction event asteroids hitting us. Very informative, but not very reassuring lol
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    Brilliant sci-fi spaceships size comparison

    Jeebus, I ain't even heard of a lot of these. But I take issue with the depicted size of the Tardis, seeing how it is infinitely big on the inside an' all :cool:
  4. Baker Street

    Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2

    Turn up the headphones...
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    Microsoft Flight Sim 2020

  8. Baker Street

    NY in the rain

    This clip is boring af - just someone stolling down a New York street and filming in it UHD. Like I said boring, but still strangely immersive. The 4K makes it so sharp it feels like you're there. The rain makes it even more watchable – just to remind this Queenslander what rain looks like ...
  9. Baker Street

    A 4K time-lapse film and musical score

  10. Baker Street

    Unreal Engine latest

  11. Baker Street

    Gaming AI

    The bit about how much it costs to render just one detailed building/street scene ...
  12. Baker Street

    Yahoo NBN

    Finally got it and without any of the horror stories I had read about other experiences with the install process. Although the dude I spoke to initially said to just plug the new modem DSL cable straight into my current ADSL line splitter no worries mate. Luckily while I was waiting for the...
  13. Baker Street

    A Journey to the End of Time

    A brilliantly produced 30 minute film with conjectures by the world's leading astrophysicists of what lies ahead for our amazing universe, right up to the end of time. (4K)
  14. Baker Street

    Metro Exodus

    Due out Feb 19
  15. Baker Street

    Do you really want 4K?

    Very informative (and funny) analysis of the development of video formats leading up to, ahem, 4K. It's just a talking head with neat video tricks, but jeez I wish I had more teachers like him in high school.
  16. Baker Street

    Battlefield V

  17. Baker Street

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider

    Absolutely love this game - set in the mountains and jungles of Peru and so gorgeous to look at, lots of challenges, puzzles, quests, many many many baddies to kill with a dozen different bows and arrows, shotties, assault rifles, pistols, knives, axes, and a very clever main storyline. Has a...
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    Wolfenstein 2 : The New Colossus

  19. Baker Street

    ETMIN alternative.

    So I was setting up a new install of ET to have some old time FPS action, but etmin don't work for me anymore. Seems my new rig with its fancy pantsy Nvidia Geforce Experience Game Overlay reserves Alt-Z for itself, even when it's not open, so that when you run etmin you get the 'crapolio'...
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    Where's the derpbox?????????

    Nice new forums - good job team. But where's the derp box. Am I blind or just dumb?