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    it's needle time!

    was an all out needle/knife war on oz server 5v5, couldnt have gone better poor form by g-train tho :( p.s i wana see the demo joke
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    While on my holiday

    While on my holiday away from et, it seems like nothing has really changed in the oz et community. Apart from that alphaclank douchebag appearing from nowhere. Any new trolls/wannabes? Or have any old players returned for a classic game of et? I wana try convince eggs to come back for some lols...
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    sooooo brink is too easy?

    Am i the only one joining maps half way through the obj and coming out with best soldier and most kills? And im only lvl 15. Game is full of et noobs tbh haha
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    teamspeak updates

    so like ts has been spamming me with an "update now" kind of message for the past week or so, so i finally cave and decide to click "update now" or watever the button was. So i downloads a 32mb update while im browsing the forums and fb, and i hear an error noise and see that ts has rolled back...
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    Any Cod4 Gamers?

    been looking out there to get a cod4 team going, thought why not try some oz regulars so anyone here got cod4? and wouldnt mind to hit up a game or two xfire: 101happy
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    Karma Biaches

    whos got a more negative karma than me? :D i think mines now moved to -6 due to the oz team LOVE U GUYS heheehehehe
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    NSW vs QLD

    i propose a match to celebrate the 1st origin game which is being held in sydney next wednesday (26th) at 8pm the ET match will be on at 8pm 30th May if an admin could help me out in updating the teams list that would b great :) NSW team- happy rainbow joke QLD team- (i want br to play so...
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    need a sig made

    anyone out there up for making me a sig? i hav a couple ideas in mind with a photo email me/msn me if ur willing to help josh110happy@hotmail.com cheers
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    herro once again

    sup, im bak under br and skanks request time 4 the lols to commence <<< btw thats BR himself <<<
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    last request

    can i hav my account banned and removed please i'll still visit ur server, just never the forums thank u oz
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    CG ladder

    u guys entered a team in the cybergamers ladder, yet u failed to realise u need 1 more player... is there any point in competing if ur not organised? times a ticking
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    anyone buy this game? or download it? i would like to know wat ppl think of it and a good site 2 dl from, the one im using atm sux (slow speed) cheers ppls
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    Flaming Pizza Do You Say?

    Flaming Pizza Ingredients: Shitty hawaiian pizza from dominos which was in fridge Metho Matches ( I have lots if u need ) Place to let it BURN Procedure: 1. Collect ingredients 2. Pour loads of metho onto pizza 3. Throw a match on it and watch it produce flame :D 4. Eat it if ur daring/an...
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    Penguin Waffles

    Yes all praise me, i can make penguin waffles Recipe is probs gona stay secret until i find it/remeber it again Enjoy the pic tho ;)
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    My awesome mega cookie recipe Ingredients: 125 grams butter 2 1/2 cups plain flour 1 1/2 cups brown sugar 2 teaspoons vanilla essence 300 grams choc bits (add stacks more 4 best results :D) 2 eggs Food colouring Procedure: 1.Line an oven tray with baking paper 2.Using an electric beater...
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    Ozman is ROFL

    http://www.xfire.com/video/202ba/ http://www.xfire.com/video/202bb/ wat do u think? HAHAHAHA
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    if i recall as being the NSW capt, i havnt submitted a time most suitable 4 my team so y do i see that we r playing sundays and theres a server being booked? i propose 9pm start, sunday is best
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    NSW NSW NSW !!!!!!!!!!

    ok well lets get a proper team going im up 4 leading it, any objections plz post current NSWs team Happy <<<<CAPT Lockout mad dog aka convoy -OZ-WickedFizz -OZ-Keith David Biblecal post here if u wana join
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    My proposal for Origin Competition

    MY proposal for origin tournament 2 teams play off against each other in a best out of 3 competition, as we want this to be fairly similar to the origin we are basing it on. We have nominated QLD and NSW captains and they select a side each match based on players that live in their respective...