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    How to get Laid in 3m 31s

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    Whose the new Danny Trejo??

    Now that Danny has advanced to the A-Listers column, whose the new kent to take over??? My vote is this kent: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0350079/?ref_=tt_cl_t4 & on that bombshell, let the mass-debating begin!!
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    Best Vid EVER!!!

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    Best new talent SINCE REBECCA BLACK!!

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    New: Interactive finger monitors!!!

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    Lvl up on morning poo duties!!!

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    Cure for HIV, MS and MORE!

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    MMMMMMmmmmmmm creme Eggs

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    Anyone wanna play this?

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    Dear Troll

    Dear Troll, Thank you for emailing me all kinds of stupid shiz, you are a legend among nerds. Although I do appreciate a little banter, what I don't appreciate is threats made to me and my family so be advised that this is your first and only warning to back off with the stupid...
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    Need to poo with no Loo?

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    Worst timing

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    Dogs 1, Cats Fail!

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    CARS 2!!!

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    So you think you can Newscast?