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    Hey Guys, Im back!

    Hope you guys had a good christmas and new years! My in game name is -OZ-RyAn|<<< for those of you who remember me :P I joined -OZ- about 4 years ago, and have been a casual gamer who likes to shoot people and have a chat every now and then. Been away for 8 months so everything is totally...
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    Christchurch earthquake !!!

    This is a security camera in an electrical store called noel leeming, just down the road from my house! :flamer: this is what we christchurch people woke up to at 04:30 sat morning! went on for ages. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bn5rlQRYztQ
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    Fifa Football World Cup South Africa!!!!

    Just thought i'd make a topic on the World Cup. (can't believe there isnt one already!) Anyway Austrailia lost 4-0 to germany. lol Come on England!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    My Birthday!

    Hey guys, as you may or not know i had my birthday a few weeks ago and i just like to show you some of my pics of the flight around the Canterbury plains XD :rnade: A river [attachment=0:5ziqhhm3]7184110.JPG[/attachment:5ziqhhm3] plains...
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    Gamespot review on the new game Wolfenstein

    This is just a review i found, looks quite good, muiltiplayer bit is at 5:00 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBmeeH8IxE8
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    does any1 use this? ive just started to work it out :D maybe some1 could teach me a few things :P
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    Need a new sig :D

    yeah, need a new sig surprise me :P :flamer: