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  1. noobItUp

    Doam of knowledge!

    STFU everynoob! It is my great pleasure to present to you a service that I am now offering on behalf of OZ CLAM - THE DOAM OF KNOWLEDGE! In this fred you may receive access to my worldly knowledge and sage advice through a simple rub of the doam. So post away with your conundrums...
  2. noobItUp

    Happy Birthday Everynoob!

    Hey guys, today is ET's 10th birthday! ET was released to the public on 29th May 2003. Time to bust out the red cordial and tim tams and party like its 2003! Remember kids, no balloon no party! <3 Nerb
  3. noobItUp

    Krudd v Joolya

    So with Joolya calling a leadership spill last night, anyone brave enough to voice their predictions? Will we be heading back to the voting booth sooner rather than later? Discuss....
  4. noobItUp

    Yo Dawg!

    I heard you like watching osama videos, so I go you an osama watching osama so you can watch osama while you watch osama! [youtube:2nmzx1nd]DB0ftf53JYs[/youtube:2nmzx1nd]
  5. noobItUp

    IKEA meatballs

    Rite, Tonight I had my first experience of ikea meatballs. I have had them highly recommended to me as the food of gods by multiple sources, so as I was in store today helping my brother buy shelving, I decided to give them a crack. Bought the frozen ones with the gravy sauce and the jam type...
  6. noobItUp

    Unsecured wireless

    Okay, so I was futzing around on my intersmurfs today and found that one of my nieghbours is goodly enough to serve up wireless to the entire nieghbourhood. Taking suggestions on how best to annoy / educate them (no I aint a pedobear).
  7. noobItUp


    Post all derp related links here. I'll get the ball rolling: http://derp.org/
  8. noobItUp

    Firefox 4 is out

    Yo dawgz, FF4 is available here. Just say no to IE! [attachment=0:29iu4shk]index.jpg[/attachment:29iu4shk]
  9. noobItUp

    usenet v bittorrent?

    Any mang have exp with usenet instead of bittorrent for downloading the intertoobz? Some clown at work was big upping it the other day so I decided to have a look. I downloaded a usenet client and got as far as it asking me for a host. How does one find an appropiate usenet host? Or is this not...
  10. noobItUp

    Tom Clancy - Dead or alive

    So the new clancy book went on sale last week. I picked up a copy on the weekend and started it today. Anyone else a Clancy fan? I have read all of his ryanverse books & haven't ever touched any of those fail netforce books.
  11. noobItUp

    Kick Ass!

    Found this little gem the other day. It is a little javascript widget which enables you to totally pwn any webpage. Kick ass!
  12. noobItUp

    All Blacks tactic sheet for saturday

  13. noobItUp

    I wants a hoverboard

    In case you weren't aware yet - Today is the day that Marty McFly arrived in the future after hitting 88mph in a pimped out Delorean in 1985. [attachment=0:2pzayohj]b2tf.JPG[/attachment:2pzayohj] This is a fake
  14. noobItUp

    BP oil spill

    A guy at work sent me this link. It overlays the size of the oil spill over where you live. Check it out.
  15. noobItUp

    Conroy at it again.

    The honorable Senator Stephen Conroy is at it again. Fair enough google stuffed up, but they have apologised and deleted the data. Not like Conroy has ever aplogised for doing something stupid (internet filter anyone?).
  16. noobItUp

    @ Jessica Watson: GTFO noob's telly already!

    Izzit just me or is anyone else supremely OVER Jessica Watson??? Cheekz, please set your boat to RAMMING SPEED & send her pink lady to the bottom of the harbour!
  17. noobItUp

    Best laksa in sydney?

    Hi all, my name's noob and I am addicted to laksa. Question for those of us who hail from sydney, where is the best laska joint you've eaten at? My fave is the Malaysian joint on hunter st in the city. You have to get there before 12 to have any chance of getting a table. I ate there twice...
  18. noobItUp

    Quake 2 in html 5

    For those that hadn't heard, some google developers have ported quake 2 into native html 5. [youtube:2zbh6xwb]XhMN0wlITLk[/youtube:2zbh6xwb] They use GWT / WebGL / WebSockets to do this & the end result is a plugin free 3d game port. Why is this so impressive? Basically it means that html 5...
  19. noobItUp

    4 sale - my dignity

    Hi all, I have a slightly used but still working 31 year old male's dignity going cheap - I have no need / use for it for the foreseeable future. As some of you may or may not be aware, Mrs noob successfully squeezed out mini noob #2 a few weeks ago. Now I am being forced to carry the new...
  20. noobItUp

    Vista PB annoyance

    Hi all, As of this afternoon I keep getting kicked from ET by PB with the error message in the console is the invalid O/S priv message. It results in a PB kick for me with a 9006 error code. Did some googling and came up with the following link: http://community.enemyterritory.com/for ...