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    So is it dead or?...
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    ddos protection

    Ummm... So I keep getting ddosed, I was wondering if any of you knew an effective way of preventing this... If so, please either pm me or comment it below. Thanks, Sinderley.
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    World cup winners?

    So, The 2014 world cup has finally come around, thought it'd be fun to have a "bet". Just simply comment the name of who (The country/team) you think will win below, no prize :P, just purely for fun. No, they don't have to be serious, but if you want to lose then congrats! ^_^ Prime example...
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    I don't play this game but does DayZ mean/is it implying the last day? Thanks, Sinderley.
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    The answer to all of overzealousgamer's minecraft issues

    Narwhals. :rabbit:
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    My Moderator Application :) (OZGgamer)[NOT PASSED]

    Hello Oz, My name is Dan and I use the allias of OZGgamer. I am 19 years old and am studying biology at Uni in England. I am pretty much a A* student. (Most of the time ;) ) My hobbies are listening to music, football, video games, watching anime and just being outdoors to be honest. Although...