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  1. noobItUp

    Oz mod development

    I dunno, 6 makes it a bit hard to troll some muppet that is camped on an MG and never moving. I used to like them the mouth of a mine smiley or drawing a big mine arrow at them if they are trying to hide. 6 will likely stifle this type of creativity.
  2. noobItUp

    Can't play on OZ due to elstra

    If you are getting 1fps it's more likely an issue local to your pc than your connection.
  3. noobItUp

    hmmm.. any absent OZ players lately?

    Pfft half mast at best
  4. noobItUp

    no mans sky - drama

    Its Spore all over again. Heaps of people got suckered into the hype cycle and threw their money into pre orders. Will be amusing to see if people double down on DLC.
  5. noobItUp

    Can't play on OZ due to elstra

    Anyone else in the house of horus using ur intertoobz @ same time horey?
  6. noobItUp

    Dr Shartz Chilli

    It's good to see someone fully commit to their derpbox name like this - SHARTS! But seriously that sounds awesome. Nobody else in my house would touch that. MOAR FOR NERB!
  7. noobItUp

    Bot Names

    Clearly he is a fan of Kevin Bl88dy Wilson
  8. noobItUp

    What can be done??

  9. noobItUp

    Weekly ET Night

    That thing had better not be deployed. I'm in. Lets make this happen.
  10. noobItUp

    Maps 2014

  11. noobItUp

    Nerb Kent: You Have A NEW CHALLENGER!!!

    Not sure if it count as a burn on me if you post family pictures sunn.
  12. noobItUp

    Mess APP

    Ahem, sunn - your seal of approval please?
  13. noobItUp

    Me and my mate JoKeR

    I feel as though someone with more PS skills than myself should probably have a go at this photo and do some evil things to our 2 hobbits.
  14. noobItUp

    null post - forum not accepting yt clips :(

    Bakes is right. Tried to embed a YT above.
  15. noobItUp

    wolfomstein / ET music

    One does not simply embed an iframe
  16. noobItUp

    Best new talent SINCE REBECCA BLACK!!

    I like how she holds up a drumstick as she sings "chicken wings"