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  1. Joke :D


    A few mates have started playing this, and I reckon its as fun as WoW, plus they have random world event pretty regularly which are pretty sweet, and PvP is hella fun. The way the class system works is also really cool. Anyone else playing? If not, its F2P, with the option to subscribe for full...
  2. Joke :D

    USSR Bear training

  3. Joke :D

    Gillard destroys Abbott

    The sexism and misogyny issue has been a big one in mainstream media over the past few days, especially with Abbott's wife coming public and referring to Abbott as a feminist who has always campaigned for equal womens' rights. Frankly, if you believe that, you've got a screw loose. The entire...
  4. Joke :D

    config issues

    I'm having a few issues with my config. I've got this in my config for resolution size: seta com_crashed 0 seta r_mode -1 seta r_customWidth 1280 seta r_customHeight 720 seta r_displayRefresh 60 When i start ET, it comes up 1080x720 windowed mode. Everything works fine. I /exec my config, and...
  5. Joke :D

    Passed (re)application for OZ [PASSED]

    Introduce yourself, what are you in game names? Hey, I'm Lachlan, 19 from sydney. My in game name is Joke (i'm kinda new here lol!) Help us get to know you. In this section feel free to tell us about your occupation, hobbies, favourite books/games/movies/artists, celebrity crush etc...
  6. Joke :D

    Andy Rehfeldt

    Has anyone seen heard of Andy Rehfeldt before? He is a musician who isn't in any specific band, but spends his time/musical talent doing cover versions of famour songs, playing all the instruments himself and the putting them together into an acapella type thing. Check out some of his other...
  7. Joke :D

    DirectX 11

    I have a directX 11 compatible 512mb vid card. WoW has teh options to run in directX 9 or 11 modes. Does running in 11 put more strain on the card? and would i get better FPS running directX 9 mode or directX 11 mode?
  8. Joke :D


    Can we please have it so that mortar's you've launched don't disappear after you die?
  9. Joke :D

    exchange rates

    with the exchange rate aus:usa rate being 1:1.03 odd, check out http://www.newegg.com, i.e. blusky and anyone looking to upgrade. so cheap!
  10. Joke :D

    Needing a new laptop

    My Inspiron 1525 is starting to die, and after my brother and sister wrestling and then falling on top of it, and snapping the screen off, so it is only held on by the wires that connect to the screen (yes it still works), i'm convincing my rents to buy a new laptop. I don't want to go Dell...
  11. Joke :D

    Need For Speed Worlds

    free MMORacer like a cross between underground 2 and Most Wanted; free roaming aspects, racing, cop pursuits, etc not as customisable as the other NFS games but still very pretty, fun, and an alright physics engine 850mb d/l including the patch, worth it (have spent the past few hours being...
  12. Joke :D

    Soundwave 2010

    Finalised line-up goes up at midnight tonight, but untill then, enjoy: [attachment=0:31ftzah1]sw2011jpeg.jpg[/attachment:31ftzah1]
  13. Joke :D


    Hallo. A tad over ET, I'm hardly on anymore, and it bores me greatly. That and i've got HSC coming up, as well other things in my life. I know i've been a pain to the clan in some parts, and there are probably a few threads about me in admin section, but hey, its all just a game after all...
  14. Joke :D


    Anyone else played/s it? If so, Add me: Sploodge I've got a lvl 11 gunner (nationals), lvl 8 covert dude (royals), lvl 4 soldier/medic (nationals) If ya atleast the tinniest bit alright at ET, its a friggin whitey bash game, provided you know how the clases work. Only downside is the the...
  15. Joke :D

    HaPpY Birthday :)

    c wut i did thar Happy 17th mate, all the Best <3
  16. Joke :D

    Apps. Joke.[PASSED]

    Hello, applying for OZ :) 1. I think i have the 10k xp, either way, i'm a reg and most of you know me (some quite well) 2. Forum reg :D Lotsa posts, etc 3. Never been banned for hax, nor any form of cheating on OZ. I was banned for a simple misunderstanding with a few members of OZ, but thats...
  17. Joke :D

    Urban Terror

    I've got a crappy laptop and no cashflow so free games are the way to go :D The games pretty fun (i personally like it), its kinda like a cross between CS and ET. built on quake3 engine. http://www.urbanterror.net/ Anyone play it? There are comps on the CG and GA ladders for it, thats how i...
  18. Joke :D


    Alrighty, I have a Joy to sell Made in Australia with Asian influences, so she goes well. Very few km/s, Good Condition Comes with a good condition CPU, but the head chipset may lack abit. 1GB memory HDMI input enough slots to support 3 hard-drives, although with a bit of work you could...
  19. Joke :D

    speed test results ADSL2

    Yo, i just need something to test against for this. I get bad lag on the server, all of which i tihnk is hardware related, but this test has got me thinking ots more connection related. im on telstra ADSL2, and i tihnk these are really poor results for what im on (btw, wireless with 100MB/s...
  20. Joke :D

    Fast paced and hype music

    Lookin for some songs that'll hype me up abit. Anything fast, loud, crazy. Pre-game music (both on and off the machine) i could search songs somewhere, but i need professional opinion ;) (looking at Suncakes)