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  1. Black Racoon

    ET in 2022. Focus, my fellows. (perhaps; if possible)

    Hey Happy! Let me know what your old email is and your new one via a PM (or send it to me on discord ChallenJah#4266) and I'll get them swapped over for you.
  2. Black Racoon

    ET in 2022. Focus, my fellows. (perhaps; if possible)

    Hey fellas; I've been discussing this lightly with Phil the last few days. Although I've been heavily AFK from OZ for quite sometime, I think there might be some opportunity to revive the ET server at the least and modernise the community a little bit. Most of the community that was has...
  3. Black Racoon

    New KickStarter Game - Dead Matter

    So, Got this announcement made to me today that this is going to be a thing! Seems super awesome, but not sure how much time you'd need to put into it and if it pauses when you're away or shit keeps going while you're there. I imagine it would be like a more complex and longer version of...
  4. Black Racoon

    I still lerk

    The truth is.. who doesn't. :)
  5. Black Racoon

    Hi!! Does OZ have a steam group?

    Welcome on board Bullet Proof!
  6. Black Racoon

    oz server not showing up in server list

    I actually would love to implement the skill rating to auto balance teams. Might be super annoying to those , but perhaps we put on a limit to x time at end of map so it can't just screw you to the other team with 3 seconds to go. (technically we can code anything, technically I don't know if I...
  7. Black Racoon

    oz server not showing up in server list

    The medic error was with the eptub mod. I think we had fixed that while ago I thought.
  8. Black Racoon

    oz server not showing up in server list

    Any Ideas for the gimmick/get together night? Nostalgia Night we should call it maybe?
  9. Black Racoon

    oz server not showing up in server list

    I am working out a solution to this now! W will have this done soon! Stay tuned guys :)
  10. Black Racoon

    oz server not showing up in server list

    Arrrrrrr!!! I thought this was all resolved already.. so it's not showing in the master server list. I've shoved across a tonne of details to the Syd DC, lets see what they say! Will keep you all posted.
  11. Black Racoon

    ET Crashing

    I'd say it's either a thermal shutdown or your PSU is overwhelmed and safety powering off. Do you hear an audible "click" before it does? This will be the PSU if not it's most likely a CPU or GPU thermal shutdown run a thermal monitor and check it out while gaming to help isolate the issue...
  12. Black Racoon

    BR finally affords a new PC!

    Long time no posts! So I've finally just bashed together the following builds, on a mega budget Gaming Rig - Details are as follows! CPU: FX - 6300 - 3.5GHZ - OC'd to 4.7 - $133 Motherboard: GA-78LMT-USB3 - $73 RAM: Some OEM 8GB 1333 DDR3 (Qualitaaaee..... ... ...) - $76 Case & PSU: Casecom...
  13. Black Racoon

    I'm back, what did I miss? Is there still a ladder/scrim comp?

    Syere! I'ts been a super long time! :) Welcome back :), can't wait to play some games with everyone as soon as I'm done with these damned exams. Looking forward to adding some new functionality / repairing a few things for linux and windows players (Mac is now officially unsupported since MAC...
  14. Black Racoon

    World cup winners?

    So many people betting and tipping for Netherlands... Seems like the way to go so far, they beating the spains and the AU's.
  15. Black Racoon

    Poast Yow Bikes

    Them electric bikes look interesting.... zeromotocrycles. I just don't know how you'd go about charging them though :( My argument so far is you just charge them the morning before.. I suppose if you were organised you'd never get stuck or need to charge up besides until you get home. Always...
  16. Black Racoon

    Clash of Clans!

    Okay so a few people be like, why you play the phone games, when ET exists! BUT, the large difference I see here is that it's a little more portable in this instance. By no means do I think that mobile gaming is going to substitute Console or PC gaming anytime in the near future, but I do think...
  17. Black Racoon

    New ET server

    All those issues should be resolved it was checking whether the server was online, and if it pinged > 300 it would DC, since the checker was in another country it was happening often, so it's been resolved now :) We will be moving to the new server (attempting) again tonight.
  18. Black Racoon

    OZ vs H*S?

    OZ's Pro server will be up soon! :) We're just finishing configuring it so it will be free for prac/matches whatever. :)
  19. Black Racoon

    The Elder Scrolls: Online!!

    I know it's been way too long since I've made a post around these parts, sorry life has eaten my time (well not really RL but that's for a different post). I was so proud of quitting WoW, slowing down on PC Gaming, and sort of being rid of any urges of pre-exam ET, and then three reddit posts...
  20. Black Racoon

    MCMMO levels

    I think the cap should be at 800, but even so, perhaps take a while longer to get there for skills like axes where it has a big effect or maybe lessen the ability the mcmmo skills actually have. (the strength of them I mean). *800 Fishing 4 Life :)