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    CG ladder

    its just the ducks reformed again g the horses will give them a good run probs.
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    October Rotation?

    Battery Goldrush Radar Oasis Battery Goldrush Radar Railgun Fuel dump Oasis
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    lol @ nelots taking the picture off ga forums -_-
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    F&*K F^%KING BULL S&&T

    Go play on ga7 for 2 weeks come back to oz and you'll be 100 times better.
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    Ivanatinkle Cleared Up! Last Post Regarding Him

    ulti has been playing et longer than you have been alive joy. Every person whos been around longer then 2 weeks knows that ulti doesnt hack, he's just a bloody good shot. The amount of times you guys ban him then unban him is ridonkulous and you should get a grip. Probably the most banned and...
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    noobitup likes it rough
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    New Name

    1. I will not back off your spelling. 2. Annoying not anoying
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    New Name

    what an original name
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    Abolisher is back and up to date in school

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    Worst players in oz history

    the award has to go to bignose probably the guy who has played the most etpro and still after how ever many hours he cooked up on ga7 fails real hard. rofl bignose 59 days
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    My last post.

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    you should be perm banned you hacking rat.
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    normally only people who were liked make /quit threads. Not random hackers that people have heard about only due to his crying and pointless topics and posts. No ones going to miss you, or notice you've left
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    horrible, horrible line up i would go if you paid me $110 this lineup has nothing on the last two years. Plus to every band there will be 1000000000 teeny bopper; 'OMG MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE/TAKING BACK SUNDAY ARE AWESEOMEEMEME PLAY THAT SONG YOU PLAY ON THE RADIO HAHAHEHEHEHEHEHEHWOOWOWOWOWOWOW'
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    ok so give this a go....

    Opening Credits: Oubliette (Disappear) - The receiving end of sirens Waking Up: Lady of the sunshine - Angus Stone First Day At School: freedom - rage against the machine Falling In Love: stonehearted man - Anthony green (ROFL) Fight Song: under the knife - rise against Breaking Up: war all...
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    Bad maps are bad

    Ok i have found out the actual answer if its plural its ARE if its singular its IS bad maps (Plural) are bad a bad map (singular) is bad snapt you all
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    Bad maps are bad

    I was saying that I said bad maps are bad and you said i said bad maps is bad so i said no i said bad maps are bad then pancakes said its bad maps is bad so i got it wrong in telling trigz what i said but then trigz said para fail now im saying what i did say in turn bad maps is bad...
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    Bad maps are bad

    no. All mlb maps are bad and dont deserve to kill any server. SW fuel dump is the one to run if your going to do fueldump, a 20 minute map, close combat ggz all round radar is a good map, just take the fog and grass out and its ggz
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    You already know me but mah I'm back

    this coming from random hacker david
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    Bad maps are bad

    if you bang in fueldump plz plz plz plz bang in sw version of fuel dump (where it takes dynos to blow the door, not the tank, skipping the first section of map