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    http://www.3news.co.nz/The-Muppets-trai ... fault.aspx Check this out. I CANT FRIGIN WAIT ALREADY.
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    New Foo's

    Anybody heard the new Foo's lately, Wasting Light. Or for that matter got the album. If not, YOU SHOULD. It's certainly a different sounding Foo's from there previous albums. Tis amazing beyond words.
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    Lets all just relax and have some fun.

    Just thought id like to let you all know that i think the quality of forum posts has been trollish lately. Thats not to say theres been some good posts but for the most part your ego's get in the way. So this is an attempt to balance things out. A forum for jokes and funnies and taking the...
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    Return of the noob tube.

    So playing tonight just thought there were too many Panzers around. Especially the kind that just fire into crowds randomly, hoping that they might get a hit. In this process collecting a few team mates in the procedure. Although i did see some players with good/appropriate use of the panzer...
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    What you listen to when playing ET.

    So realizing that when i play ET it kinda quiet and all and could do with some music. Any Suggestions?
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    Just so all you aussies know. SHIHAD ARE THE BEST BAND EVER. Also they are kiwi band don't steal.
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    PC Does Not Want To Run

    So i (well dad) has a Pc Box that is broken in need of assistance. When i say broken i mean not even bios will start (know this cause no bios beep when turned on), No graphics out put, only power box fan runs. Its pretty much just not working at all. Have taken a look inside and everything seems...
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    Map Making

    Just wandering if anyone else on -OZ- is making maps for et and such. Got Radient the other day and works well. Still getting used to/ learning it. Also, what makes a good map?
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    It came back for a couple of days. But playing tonight and it wasn't there. My carnage award for it is in danger. I want's it back PLEASE Pyromaniac want's his flamethrower.
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    Whats the story with the flamethrower. Like why is it unavailable almost all the time and only on not that often. I only ask cause well i just wanna get pust fuzzie here http://www.etozclan.com/stats/pub/theme ... efault.php Oh and another thing. have i been banned from using panzer. Because...
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    Should there be a sniper map?

    Sniper map ya nay? This is the suggested map to put on. http://returntocastlewolfenstein.filefr ... dise;95709 Its got rockets that go up to a satallite. Underground pathways and easy access to other side.
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    Suspect hacker

    Can someone please look into bruja. Im suspect hes hack as he killing way to fast. (not to mention he always seems to know where i am) I wouldnt know what to do to find out if he is hacking.
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    Someone made it across again on Sniper

    You wanted proof well here it is he was there for some time to
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    Led Zeppelin is not Heavy Metal!!!!

    Led Zeppelin is not heavy metal. If you want to argue this here is your chance but against me youll just loose this. they are way not heavy metal