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    Post up your favourite webcomics

    I only really read this one, aside from the webcomics Sunn has already shared, Pictures for Sad Children: http://archive.picturesforsadchildren.com/1/ It's slightly depressing at times, but I find it amusing.
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    Whatever happened to............

    Porter! I don't know if you remember me, but it is nice to see you again, man. It is great to hear that you are improving and everything. It certainly appears as if you endured rather difficult times recently, but I am glad you are doing better now. I hope it can continue. The last time we...
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    [Jazz, Soul, Funk, Fusion] Satanisk Vind Dod

    My friend and I made a joke band two years ago. I think we were drunk and young - an unbearable combination. This is the fruit of our labour. http://www.myspace.com/sataniskvinddod We played all of the instruments between us both.
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    Whatever happened to............

    Lestat had a problem with alcohol abuse, iirc. You could tell when by his behaviour when he was sober and when he was not. I think he had tried being clean and "off the wagon" around the time he was accepted into OZ, but as history tells us, it did not last long. I hope he is all right now. OZ...
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    What's You're Faviouite Movie

    Good man, Noob. That film and Yojimbo set the blueprint that Sergio Leone's Westerns copied, and they are all yet to be surpassed. NoobItUp is the example you should follow children, please pay attention.
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    What's You're Faviouite Movie

    What these guys have proffered. In addition, The Mirror Ikiru Vivre Sa Vie Stalker Tokyo Story Werckmeister Harmonies The Thin Red Line. You should watch every Tarkovsky, Bergman and Kurosawa film if you appreciate quality cinema. I, at least, find them very rewarding.
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    Krudd v Joolya

    The rational, calm and measured political discussion here (with the exception of Blusky <3) is unAustralian. Who are you all?
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    Hello. Hi.
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    Coming Clean

    We are like so dark and sad. REAL GOTH REPZ. FUK LYF
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    Coming Clean

    It does take an amount of courage to speak openly about mental illness, of any form, and I hope you will feel vindicated by the warm responses you have garnered from your announcement. I was treated and medicated for social anxiety/depression (Dysthymia [<3 Sunn]) just last year, and it is...
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    What you listen to when playing ET.

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    bon jovi & metallica

    I am not going to see Metallica, but I'm going to be seeing Dying Fetus and Mayhem instead. Which is infinitely more awesome, and affordable.
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    That was the worst example of sarcasm I have ever had the displeasure of reading. You have completely failed to grasp what he was saying.
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    Last.fm thread.

    My play count was reset a month ago, explaining the low numbers in that regard. Much of my library has also been lost recently. http://www.last.fm/user/thewhatwhat Oh, and as a disclaimer, all of the non-classical/metal/post-whatever artists in my library are my brother's.
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    Max fps and maxpackets

    Oh dear.
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    Max fps and maxpackets

    It's common knowledge, to be honest. Autoreload is disadvantageous as it leaves you exposed in a fire-fight whilst reloading. It's standard practice to switch to pistol on the depletion of a magazine, something which autoreload makes difficult, or at least discourages.
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    Planescape: Torment.
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    Why do vitamins make your urine stink/extremely yellow?

    If I have sex with you now, does it still count as necrophilia? I really want to be a necrophiliac.