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  1. Riotbox

    Black ops 2

    Who plays blackops 2 here ? :) Add me up : http://steamcommunity.com/id/riotbox/
  2. Riotbox

    Youtube channel youuuuu

    Hey guys riotbox here I know you guys dont see me much around i am in the tf2 division and played et a couple of times. I just started a youtube channel and struggling to get dub and views it would be great if my clan mates would help me I do bo2 vids mw3 in the future tf2, mc and some other...
  3. Riotbox

    Black raccoon

    Seems like our leader is MIA Br where are you :))))
  4. Riotbox

    Article: Blacklight retribution

    You can view the page at http://www.overzealousgamers.com/content.php?152-Blacklight-retribution
  5. Riotbox

    Blacklight retribution

    Okay maybe some of you have already heard of BLACKLIGHT RETRIBUTION a.k.a. BLR It's an awesome game and I would like to introduce it to you all. So what is the game about anyway BLR is basically a First person shooter game available in and out of steam and it's free to play, I know, I know...
  6. Riotbox

    Ts3 server

    Ok if anyone is wondering why ts3 server is down its not or i think its not the ip just changed to this www.overzealousgamers.com the clan's website adress i dont know if this is permanent or not im just trying to inform
  7. Riotbox

    The asian intoduction

    Time to formerly introduce my self I am Russell a.k.a Riotbox I live in the philipines and I was born on the 24th of may and currently 15 years of age. I am currently studying 3rd year Highschool specializing in Electrical technology in Don Bosco Technical Institute. I am aiming for aeronautics...
  8. Riotbox

    Riotbox's Application for TF2

    Introduce yourself, what are you in game names? Hi, My name is Russell, I was born in 1997 i am 15 yrs old in games I go by names Riotbox , GAME , monkeyAction Help us get to know you. In this section feel free to tell us about your occupation, hobbies, favourite books/games/movies/artists...