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  1. i0nwr1t3r

    mAgneTiK saying Hi

    As the title says I have a new steam handle, so stoked to see this game has come to steam, maybe it will revive the game? Who knows, those of you old enough to have played this game 10+ years ago may remember me -OZ-i0nwr1t3r, back in the day. If anyone knows of a voice chat server were I can...
  2. i0nwr1t3r

    802.11AC Router info + NBN

    Any of ,you heard anything about 802.11ac routers (gigabit wireless) , here's a useful link if your in the market & what to look for to support NBN connections. http://apcmag.com/5-things-to-look-for-in-an-80211ac-router-and-adapter.htm
  3. i0nwr1t3r

    Kill Spree's & TK's

    Should OZ look into coding a Weapon Based Team Kill ends any Kill Streak / Map Spree Record by offending player? Exemptions would be required for mines & dyno to avoid team griefing. No guarantee's OZ can code this , but what do you guys think?
  4. i0nwr1t3r

    How To Handle A Heckler

    Watch & Learn. xD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WshrVOTLn04&feature=player_embedded#!
  5. i0nwr1t3r

    [Retail] EA Origin Australia Weekend Sale

    EA Origin store is having an online sale from today till Tuesday to celebrate Australia Day. http://store.origin.com/store/eaapac/en_AU/html/pbPage.VALUE_GAMES_SALE_EN_AU?sourceid=OriginValuePromo_SOC_APAC_AU_001&sourceid=Origin_AFFILIATES_APAC_AU_MC61293 Have Fun. ;)
  6. i0nwr1t3r

    Elder Scrolls Online Goes Beta

    Bethesda are looking for beta testers for Elder Scrolls Online. http://elderscrollsonline.com/en/news/post/2013/01/21/sign-up-for-the-elder-scrolls-online-beta-test-today If you liked Skyrim , sign up for the beta! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=0jNT5cMwxw0 Not...
  7. i0nwr1t3r

    Warm Bodies (Movie)

    This is what happens when you unleash zombie shooter fans on cinema. xD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07s-cNFffDM
  8. i0nwr1t3r

    OZ Scrim Tonight

    Hi everybody , OZ is accepting HS clan invitation to scrim the following weekend for the 1st scrim of 2013. Sunday 13th of January This will be ET Pro All & sundry welcome , members & anyone wishing to slut (sub) please post expressions of interest below. members will be given priority but...
  9. i0nwr1t3r

    Happy New Year 2013

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ESldtw_Ch4 Happy New Year from the Overzealous Gamers xD
  10. i0nwr1t3r

    Seasons Greetings

    Since Black Racoon is fully engaged with christmas festivities , I would like to make an announcement. Merry Christmas from the OZ clan , have a great New Year & hope you have a great 2013. xD Till then , happy fragging.
  11. i0nwr1t3r

    [Free] Metro 2033 Facebook Giveaway

    Free copies of Metro 2033 available for liking their Facebook page. Free serial & d/l link given when you like their page. Just under 8GB d/l. http://www.facebook.com/MetroVideoGame I think offer may end on the 16th Dec? Enjoy Just a heads for other ATI card users like me (ATI 6790 ) I got...
  12. i0nwr1t3r

    Phatty & Smixy <3

    Phatty & Smixy , Congratulations on the birth of your new son , job well done Smixy! Phatty is pretty damn stoked to say the least! Wishing you guys all the best & every success , from my good self & I'm sure from all the OZ clan too. ;) i0n
  13. i0nwr1t3r

    Trick Jumping In R/L

    Here's G-Train warming up for a game of ET! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4B36Lr0Unp4 Is youtube options derped on forums? Anyways , Enjoy!
  14. i0nwr1t3r

    Intel CPU Pricing

    Have you ever wondered if you really paid a fair price when you built your last rig? Checkout Intel's price list for September (USD I'd say). http://files.shareholder.com/downloads/INTC/1973735259x0x594431/373BCCFB-32A8-4DE5-A9EE-452D9DC06DEC/Sept_02_12_Recommended_Customer_Price_List.pdf
  15. i0nwr1t3r

    OmniBot 0.82 Released

    Is it possible to see if we could implement the new OmniBot Update on ET Pub Server? Released earlier this month. Announcement http://www.omni-bot.com/forum/content.php?130-Omni-bot-0-82-ET-released Release Notes http://www.omni-bot.com/wiki/index.php?title=Omni-bot_0.82_ET Downloads...
  16. i0nwr1t3r

    OZ Web Server Migration

    Last night OZ started migrating it's webserver at 8.30pm & it will have some short term issues to be sorted out. Any forum posts after 8.30pm last night will have been lost unfortunately because they were after the forum was backed up & transferred to our new home. Teamspeak server can now be...
  17. i0nwr1t3r

    Intel Upgrade Kit Recommendations Please

    Hi everyone , it's tax time & I'm looking for system upgrade kit for a family member & I could use some help picking out the hardware for a custom build. Any DDR 3 Ram for under $150 Asus Motherboard under $350 ( Z68 , Z77 or X79 chipset? ) Intel Core i7 CPU under $400 Sata 3 would be good ...
  18. i0nwr1t3r

    ET Full Server

    This is the 1st time I have seen all 29 slots filled on our new server! GGz
  19. i0nwr1t3r

    Like a Baus!

    So what does an award for 60 deaths in a map look like? ;)
  20. i0nwr1t3r

    Daylight Savings Finished

    Daylight Savings has finished for another 6 months , don't forget to roll your clocks back one hour at 3.00am this morning. http://www.vic.gov.au/daylight-saving-in-victoria.html (No , this is not an April Fools day joke!) Cheers i0n