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    Talk like a pirate

    Arrrg! Sunday 19th is Talk like a pirate day i know i dont play ET anymore but maybe a pirate themed sound pack?
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    Ramblings ... :P

    G'day :) Some know me some don't.I WAS an alcoholic in deep denial now however i am sober and intend on staying that way :) most will remeber me for my drunken,flames,ramblings whatever you would like to call it :P but now things have changed for me massivly one person on here knows.... and as...
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    me the one you know as "StaT"

    I am truly sorry to all those i raged in the past! i hope you all can let it drop :) i was a lonely old fker and now i have found what i need.My heart has changed a LOT.You can go on hating me that is cool :) ill be playing ET from time to time (and getting owned! ) But i have nothing but <3 for...
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    Best Medic Award

    i jumped on ET the other day ... and i have to say Inglourious Basterd is an awesome med i got cut down so many times and he always rezzed me even if it meant he died doing it wtg! Inglourious !! champ medic.
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    Shock horror..

    It is amazing what happens when you go and actually live life :) I am Engaged and could not be happier :) Viva Life! Sheez imagine if i was still playing ET ...i would still be raging ... Haters can go on hatin but im cool with that. Peace Oz and ET players.
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    Happy New YEARS!!!

    To one and all a safe and Happy New Years! yeah im a bastard .. but just the same ! see above! :)
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    the whole cake sig

    Bored so i done dis...
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    how dumb? lol

    http://www.news.com.au/adelaidenow/stor ... public_rss how dumb can u be?? sers.
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    For NoobitITup

    here is what i could find for your modem... http://kb.netgear.com/app/products/model/a_id/2323 thats version 1 there are 4 versions http://kb.netgear.com/app/products/family/a_id/1288 some firmware from what i looked at are only UK. so u will have to dig find right version and if u can...
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    Spag Bog My way..

    Aight 1st throw those spaghetti strands out of there get ya self two pasta shell or spiral varieties. Next 500gm of Mince of your choice,Beef or pork w.e ya flavour. Thaw said mince if needed. Cook mince till browned (not still bleedin)' heat stove top for shells & spiral mix .. cook as per...
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    Not sure but ..

    I Happened to spec (FKQ)Frendy22 on Supply at the end of a map and saw him shooting mg42 thru wall and KILLING ppl thru wall was not able to get that coz map ended. What i did get is a demo of Him Glitching? or could be me? and some random pk3? but Note i do not get any kind of glitch like that...
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    A sound pack for some lolz...

    it is 12mb... but has some cool vsay's and sounds ...Some of the vsays are not G rated however... got it from US server and it has some cool vsays in it... spice up ET a bit? idk. Link ... as i cant attach. http://rapidshare.com/files/283802182/z ... c.rar.html
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    why not Tight small map (was used on Node custom)(also contains some secret spot's) http://returntocastlewolfenstein.filefr ... UX%3B49215 and http://returntocastlewolfenstein.filefr ... oder;57564 Also used on node custom.. small map again and quite fun.
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    Bring back MIDDY!

    Ya i know i had my times wif him ... but anyone who has him on MSN... and OZ please unban the dude from server and forums. I miss the cherub and our umm discussion's :)
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    Spelling Bee

    It make's me kind of laugh? that when people who can actually carry a sentence? Get lol'ed? and corrected? Some have excuses for not executing perfect diction.Some are Tired,Some are Drunk(me) some get lazy and do not look at key's while they type some can type and not need to know where each...
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    Mac & Cheese

    Not my own ... would rather my grandmother's one (she wont gimmie) Preparation Time 10 minutes Cooking Time 6 minutes Add ingredients to shopping list Ingredients (serves 4) * 400g macaroni * 50g butter * 2 tbs plain flour * 2 cups (500ml) milk * 2 cups (250g) grated...
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    New NQ Fun Server!

    since i cant post in the "headline's" CC configed ?? who is that random ?? maybe it is Riff? rofl! NQ is one if the better mod's that i spent hours perfecting a cfg for ... and well speaking to hicksy on msn .. seems like there is No real cfg in place... was tellin him rcon commands and none...
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    Et ICE Added to Rotation

    bad old .. rtcw conversion map ... axis have the sway ... if the axis team is any good.but it is as savage ppl would say a human(axis map) eg good axis team will always win it.(stacked axis team)if u want an old map try .. nightcrawler's.
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    do not add scripts to that map... it is meant to be so u cap boxes u build spawn time's med's ammo ect... spawn shield's Are not necessary on it! to add a > spawn shield would make the map suck! get eng lvl 4 and u get an outpost......why the hell add a spawn shield script to mess up a map that...
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    What songs bring you to tear's?

    [youtube:2dyqncs3]6ojoqHbPmzg[/youtube:2dyqncs3] [youtube:2dyqncs3]8srgfw7GDkM[/youtube:2dyqncs3] [youtube:2dyqncs3]YIT3xvCHQG4[/youtube:2dyqncs3] [youtube:2dyqncs3]BYOE_b4aYD0[/youtube:2dyqncs3] [youtube:2dyqncs3]8fGLiIvKKys[/youtube:2dyqncs3]...