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    Post your rigs!

    1tb ssd :o
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    ET Demo's

    will upload mcspuds 200 on ga7 on goldy later :P
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    Whatever happened to............

    lol at frosty, so many peeps were trolled by him/her.
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    oz maps for the server

    Give library a go. And thank fk someone is finally adding missile.
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    Hey noobs!

    Sarp old boy. Let the good times roll :P
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    Whatever happened to............

    Where is gutz these days, i miss his closet :(
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    Dell rack servers quick price with every thing :D

    Does it come in black?
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    Yeah, get arma2 combined ops and use six installer for your mods. Some of the youtube vids are classic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRpPIyJDSEQ
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    Anyone play it? Need to hook up a mob to bash all those bandits.
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    Getting muted for no reason

    Exciting stuff.
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    What is this... I don't even.... (succubus...)

    Mum says she wants her fleshlight back cheeks!!!!
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    ET Full Server

    Is that the real Haste?
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    StarCraft II

    Grandmaster nerd!
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    So whats new?

    Hey old boy. And dont listen to noob, it takes more than an inanimate object to keep me down. Also, rumour has it that noob was reacquainted with guts' closet. He now refuses to talk about anything to do with tutu's, or cream pie!
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    [Retail] Diablo 3 for $20

    I am dissapoint!
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    [Retail] Diablo 3 for $20

    yeah im gonna need at least 10 for me and the lads. And while we wait, here's someone a little dissapointed with the state of the servers.... ERROR SLIRTY SLEVEN!!!!!!!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AdWqOWeQtA
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    [Retail] Diablo 3 for $20

    Everyone get on it. http://www.catchoftheday.com.au/news.php?article=574&utm_source=cotd&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Newsletter17/05/2012&utm_campaign=you_decide
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    Button to liven up your day

    hahah, thats fookin awesome :D
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    pc finally fixed

    Speeds up your writes. Its like painting a car red, makes it go faster :D
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    pc finally fixed

    fk ahci, im forever fixing that shit at work. If you get a BSOD at Windows splash screen, i guarentee its that little bitch ahci. Dont forget to TRIM them if they are compatible.