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    Anyone play it? Need to hook up a mob to bash all those bandits.
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    [Retail] Diablo 3 for $20

    Everyone get on it. http://www.catchoftheday.com.au/news.php?article=574&utm_source=cotd&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Newsletter17/05/2012&utm_campaign=you_decide
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    Why cant you receive PM's? Have the teachers put you in detention? Damn the Man!
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    BF3 digital copy for $28 - yea boi!

    Sweet as. www.direct2play.com
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    War Inc

    Hey all, Went to a Lan on the weekend and all the lads were playing this beta. Its pretty fun, sort of a cross between COD and Counter Strike, and pretty similar to combat arms except there are no hackers. If anyone wants an invite, PM me your email, i've got 5 to give. Cheers G
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    Grenade sound command

    This has been sh1tting me for a while. When i prime a nade, i dont hear the clicks, anyone know the command to activate this? Cheers G
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    Animal Crackers

    Hahahahahah. Alan, Alan, Al, Al, ALAN!!!! :lol: [youtube:2pxu8hwf]-ssXJtzFOjA&feature=player_embedded[/youtube:2pxu8hwf]
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    Iron Maiden, Slayer, Rob Zombie, Sum41, BFMV!!!! Fook Yeah!!!!
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    Hehe, pro as, no? Took me a few goes to figure out trajectory and angles but i cracked it and survived :P After i do it there's nothing more to see. Enjoy.
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    Ok lads, Time to find out who is eligible for QLD if this thing ever happens. Post here if you are currently in QLD and we'll stick it to these Cockroaches. Cheers G
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    Best Panza shot in ET history!!!!!

    OK, too many pub-nubs keep blowing their load all over their foot, so here is an example of how to use the panza properly...... http://www.own3d.tv/watch/10903 ROFL at Tosspot's shoutcasting :lol: