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  1. CowsWithGuns

    Please change ahem funny bot name

    If it doesn't come up on google as what you've described then i reckon we're pretty safe, the EU ave patented he name too, btw, someone must be making it. Also lol at the description from zulu, then this from wiki: Bryndza cheese is creamy white in appearance, known for its characteristic...
  2. CowsWithGuns

    WiFi range extenders

    Got a question, is there any best suggested solutions to making a long range wifi network? My challenge is to try get internetts to go from a house to a dairy computer, through 2-4 walls with a fair bit of metal in the way. About 120meters as the crow flies. Hopefully we should be able to raise...
  3. CowsWithGuns

    Good Reads - wip

    ....my bookshelf is full, mostly of one set of books.... GNU Pterry Pratchett.
  4. CowsWithGuns

    ETPub Changelog

    Cause the boys forgot to update this fred. Legacy broke g_tyranny, which means no lol, pants, pip, freeze etc Server has been reverted to a non legacy server, all commands should now be working. Please test them out. Yes, I am asking you to !pants all the things. Unfortunately this means...
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    Your Favorite: Song?

    I'll just leave this here....
  6. CowsWithGuns

    hey guys

    ^ THIS
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    I like this, dunno if its possible, but a good idea.
  8. CowsWithGuns

    Not Passed invader want to rejoin OZ

    Some weekdays are slow, its not the end of the world.
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    Only some eh? :smuggrin:
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    The xp reset will tick over at 40k I think phil said last night, so less experienced players, while its a slow start, will get to stay levelled up longer too.
  11. CowsWithGuns


    Just a thought on the xp reset, for a more casual player i.e. weekend warrior a monthly reset is harsher on them compared to a daily player. You just start to get somewhere on levels and bam its gone again.
  12. CowsWithGuns

    Christmas Maps

    Ferns working on it Triggs! Well, not right at this very moment, cause hes busy sleeping.
  13. CowsWithGuns

    Heat map of clicks

  14. CowsWithGuns

    Oz mod development

    That is doable in the current configs
  15. CowsWithGuns

    Oz mod development

    cause we had a pro server so long that no one played =P
  16. CowsWithGuns

    Total Annihilation

    Just wondering if anyone wants me to make a full copy of TA + all patches accessible? Seems like a found a few RTS fans here in the last few weeks. Pretty sure I have all the singleplay campaign files plus cavedog official patches and all the common multiplayer maps, + tademo recorder. Also...
  17. CowsWithGuns

    Passed WASSUP ALL! I want to join you sexy peoples!

    Haven't forgotten this - currently poking the populace for their reply
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  19. CowsWithGuns

    Bots a bit derpy

    Just a heads up we are aware that there's issues with some of the bots not doing objective on certain maps. Not sure on a fix yet, still testing.