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    So i just logged on OZ and my factions is disbanded? anyone have any ideas?
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    Minecraft 1.3 | OZ Server Changes

    Pvp World Vote:A Economy Vote:B World Size Vote:B (woo)
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    Unarmed exploit

    Yeh i was told it was spectate. This cmd should most likely be removed.
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    Suggestion! Dedicated Staff Positions

    That is a awesome idea mala. Thank you, some one finally premoted my pvp arena! haha <3
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    Unarmed exploit

    It has been a day and tmatthews0404 and koyotegrizz are level 1000 in unarmed. This is not possbile to achieve in a day. I believe it was done through hg spectate exploit but i am not 100% sure, i am posting this now before it got any worse. I have screenshots of them at this level. Contact me...
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    World change, economy!

    1. Tnt and obsidian should not be easy to access. Eg no spawners, not sold at shop 2. Reset currency and start with a default 10k 3. Like what instx said the bank should be open to everyone ! (: 4. Prices slightly lowered.
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    Dale248's Moderator Application [PASSED]

    Yeh you can trust this guy (: He is a cutie <3
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    Cutiieeeee <3
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    Dubstep Sunday (+ Share Thread)

    Not bad :3
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    Tessatjuuh's application (:

    You forgot how Crypticx45 is such a helpful mod, he is so nice and cute :3
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    House Up For Auction

    Fr0sty! Why you selling your place for?
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    Vote For OZ Minecraft - Get Paid!

    400? that couldn't even buy you half a diamond:3
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    It was not me..:rolleyes:
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    Interesting E-mail obtained from BR's e-mail address

    Your joking right... lawlll.
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    Moderator application-Crypticx45

    Hey, my name is Luke but my in-game name is Crypticx45. I joined the server when the newest Minecraft server was released. I would like to post an application for becoming a part of the moderator team. In my opinion, I believe I have the responsibility and the spirit to do the job. Also since...
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    New LCD screen, help.

    Did you get a 120 hz one ? Will making gaming look as smooth as a baby's ass with 125fps !
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    Mouse pads and skates

    Steelseries QcK heavy + mx518 I use g5 because I'm a noob. Optical > Laser
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    Bogans just a no good scaredy /killer !
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    New computer plays ET worse!!

    dun come bak m8