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  1. dlbenson

    Skins for Wins

  2. dlbenson

    Difficulty logging onto server

    Since last night I haven't been able to log onto the OZ server. Anyone else got this problem?
  3. dlbenson

    The answer to all of overzealousgamer's minecraft issues

    damn ferny you spent time putting sind down.
  4. dlbenson

    SkyWars Bugs

    also it puts you in the queue again after its finished..endless forced gameing
  5. dlbenson

    SkyWars Bugs

    apparently theres grass underneath according to sind and when i came back into spawn i lost my diamond armour, diamond axe, iron pickaxe and shovel, about 14 steak and 50ish torches.
  6. dlbenson

    Naughty user FrozenFlame242

    hello guys. just to let you know FrozenFlame242 flew around the spawn today and claimed his friend cracked the server to find chests. got a picccy of it. dunno if the attachment worked so heres a lovely imgur link. http://i.imgur.com/mBXLHYP.png and a bonus chat pic...
  7. dlbenson

    Sever White-List lifted

    how long till its back up?
  8. dlbenson

    lagg issues

    I've noticed recently great amount of lag in resent days. its really annoying as i have been focused on removing a lot of land and have had to take my hands off the keyboard, flex my fingers so i don't rage and carry on, till finally I've had it. the OZclear hasn't worked (i lost a god pickaxe...
  9. dlbenson

    dlbenson's application for the OZ clan[PASSED]

    Hi, my name is Dom. I’m 17, from the UK. My IGN is ‘dlbenson’ or ‘dlb’. I’m a scuba diver in my free time, but im in full time education still. My favourite movies include ‘the A-team’, majority of superhero related movies and ‘wall-e’… I just love that robot. I enjoy gaming with people and I...
  10. dlbenson

    dlbenson's mod application [PASSED]

    404 not found
  11. dlbenson

    dlbenson's mod application [PASSED]

    my name is Dom (ign dlbenson). I'm 17 and applying for position of mod. i have been playing Minecraft for over 2 years and have been a member of OZ since June 2012. I think I deserve the rank as I am frequently on. I normally keep to myself and my faction but, when there is someone on who is...
  12. dlbenson

    Help urgent

    so I'm doing the parkour Christmas and I'm between 15-10 from finish. i found a way onto the roof (I know cheating but the level was hard so I went to skip it and fell off edge. I'm stuck in god mode falling through the void. so far im at y: -100,000 and have no way of getting out. can someone...
  13. dlbenson

    :D says hi

    I can assure you it wasn't me ;)
  14. dlbenson

    :D says hi

    PB Busted?
  15. dlbenson

    :D says hi

    Hi there, I started playing on your ETPub server, and I love it, so I thought I'd drop by and say hello. My first game name is Butterz and I'm from Perth, but I'm in an American Jaymod clan (=F|A=), but I got tired of the lags and decided to search for a server closer to home and found yours. I...